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2018 will be the year of Italian food

By January 30, 2018December 2nd, 20222 Comments

The Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Agricultural Policies has named 2018 the year of Italian food. This means the next 12 months will be chock with events to celebrate the Italian food and wine heritage and its connections with art and landscape.

2018 year of Italian food

Unesco Heritage

Many of the events will be dedicated to what UNESCO has recognized as a World Heritage Products: the Mediterranean diet, the Pantelleria alberello vine, the landscapes of the Langhe Roero and Monferrato, Parma––Italy’s creative city of gastronomy––and finally, the last elected, but certainly not least, proclaimed in December, the art of Neapolitan pizza making. Other activities will help promote new UNESCO nominations, namely Prosecco and Amatriciana.

gualtiero marchesi 2018 year of Italian food

Connection to landscape and a tribute to Marchesi

Knowledge and promotion of historic rural landscapes, and the fight against food waste will be the overall of the year of Italian food. Attention will be directed at the deep connection between food, landscape, identity and culture. The Italian government will do this by launching the food districts prohect, involving farmers, breeders, fishermen and cooks. In this respect it was equally correct to dedicate the year of food to the late chef Gualtiero Marchesi, who truly embodied these values by making them world known.

2018 year of Italian food

Food and Art

We’re excited mostly for the social sharing campaign promoted by Italy’s state museums, which will focus on the relationship between art and food and wine. The Instagram account @museitaliani shares posters of food in art such as the Dinner with nuptials by Gherardo delle Notti, Still life with peppers and grapes by Giorgio De Chirico, The Last Supper by Leonardo, the frescoes of Pompeii, the still life and portratits of the Villa Medicea in ​​Poggio a Caiano, to mention a few.

If you plan to travel to Italy in 2018, you can visit over 420 museums, archaeological parks and places of Italian culture, and search, photograph and share the current theme of the month with the hashtag #annodelciboitaliano.


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