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7 Gifts for the Young Gourmands in your Life

By December 14, 2022No Comments
gifts young gourmands

It is no secret that the pandemic turned many a novice cook into a focused, educated culinary mind. As the lockdown continued, more and more people took comfort in their kitchens to ease their minds of the ever growing uncertainty that only a world-wide pandemic can create. According to the NDP Group, sales of bakeware and cookbooks skyrocketed during this time. I am quite confident that this trend has continued, not just with adults, but among the budding gourmet population in children.

My teenage nephew, Jason, has had a strong interest in cooking and baking in particular. From the onset of the pandemic this curiosity only strengthened. He joined a few of our online cooking programs, but even more so, he took to the internet to do his own research. Quite impressive for a 13 year-old, if I don’t say so myself. He was not only interested in baking, but also sushi making! #PROUDAUNTIE! I have realized, as time has gone on, that Jason is not the only young culinary creative I have encountered.

young gourmands

Whether it is due to the ever increasing children’s cooking shows, to the pandemic which forced many adults to return to the kitchen thus modeling behavior for their little ones, or simply because cooking itself is such a joy to behold, the interest is there and growing strong. As we happen upon the holiday season once again, I would like to share with you a variety of youth friendly cooking-focused gifts that will undoubtedly put a smile on your young chef’s face.

7 gifts for the young gourmands in your life

Please note that not all of these items are suitable for our young chefs, depending upon their ages. Children should be supervised at all times by an adult when prepping foods, cooking or baking.

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1. Measuring cups and spoons

measuring cups: gifts young gourmands

Ok so let’s not highlight the fact that cooking relies heavily on math, however, if we can sneak a quick fraction lesson in while cooking, why not? For our young chef wonders, this set Curious Chef Kids Cookware is a perfect all encompassing starter set. The colors are vibrant, the numbers are easily legible, and it comes with many bells and whistles that are sure to delight. For those who may have a bit more sophisticated taste, check out these beauties.

2. Knife set

Safe knife set gifts young gourmands

Knives and knife skills are of the utmost importance in the kitchen. This knife kit is perfect for the beginner chef of any age as it includes various tools with the safeguard of both a glove and a finger guard to allow for these smaller hands to understand the “bear claw” process while keeping their fingers safe.

3. Scale

scale: gifts young gourmands

Ok so we may be adding in another “math” lesson here unbeknownst to these young chefs. Learning how to utilize a scale in baking and pasta-making is not only essential but also fun. Kids can learn the difference between types of weights as well as explore how different items vary in weight.

4. Spiralizer

gifts young gourmands: Spiralizer

This Spiralizer is by far one of my most favorite tools. You may remember it from my blog This Pastafarian has gone Rogue last February when I decided to let pasta go for a wee bit (don’t worry – pasta has been back for a while). This tool is fun and has a great built-in safeguard with the turning piece. As stated before, this and all other tools should be used under the guidance of an adult. The variety of shapes that these young culinary artists can make out of numerous vegetables may just get them to eat more of those veggies!

5. Apron

gifts young gourmands: budding chef wear

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a little flair in life? Especially in the kitchen. Aprons are THE accessory for chefs of all ages. This stylish personalized chef wear by The Apron Place is sure to excite chefs of all ages. However for our younger chefs, these pieces have the ability to inspire! Parents need an apron too? Click here!

6. Cookie dropper

gifts young gourmands: cookie cutter

Cookies are not just of the chocolate chip realm anymore. No offense to Nestle Tollhouse, as who does not enjoy these morsels of delicious. However, cookies have really taken on a life of their own in terms of flavor profile, ingredients, and shapes. This cookie dropper creates an interactive way for young bakers to make cookies in more than one shape. Let the young ones get creative!

7. Cookbooks

cookbooks gifts for young gourmands

I love cookbooks. You may know this from a previous blog, Cookbooks: Carolyn’s Literary Obsession. There are so many beautiful books full of culinary promise out there. This one in particular is wonderfully accessible to young new chefs. The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs breaks recipes down in an approachable manner while maintaining and teaching healthy aspects of cooking. There is definitely something for every palate in this book.

While home cooking continues to be a fun activity for many ages, it is within our youthful population where the future of cuisine lies. What a legacy for present generations to be able to pass on to this creative and eager crew of gourmands and cooking enthusiasts alike. At the very least, knowing that our younger friends will have the knowledge to fend for themselves in the kitchen is undoubtedly a gift that will keep on giving! Buon Appetito!

7 gifts for the young gourmands in your life

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