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7 Reasons to Visit Piemonte

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The first time I visited Torino, the capital of the Italian region of Piemonte, was more than 12 years ago. I was instantly hooked by the food, wine, culture, history and the raw beauty. I couldn’t wait to show the region to friends, family and visitors, and Casa Mia can’t wait to visit with you.

we can't wait to show you Piemonte!Here are 7 reasons to visit Piemonte

Wine and Food

The region is renowned for its world-class wines, including Barolo and Barbaresco. It is also famous for white truffles, hazelnuts, chocolate, tajarin pasta and too many types of cheese to list here.

vitello tonnatoCountryside

Check into a wine resort and immerse yourself in vine-covered hills and valleys against the backdrop of the Alps. Get lost in the Langhe and Roero areas; UNESCO World Heritage Sites, celebrated for their vineyards and charming villages.

Historical and Cultural Heritage

Explore historical sites like the Royal Residences of Torino for a look at the region’s royal past. The capital alone is brimming with museums, palaces, and historical architecture.

venaria reale royal palace torino, piemonteTorino

A city with unique charm, be mesmerized by its elegant architecture, art galleries, and museums. The Mole Antonelliana (the National Museum of Cinema) is an iconic symbol of the city. If you are interested in Italian cinema, Torino is the birthplace of the Italian Seventh Art.

mole antonelliana torino, piemonteOutdoor Activities

From hiking and climbing to skiing and mountain biking, Piemonte offers activities for all.

skiing in piemonteFestivals and Events

Piemonte hosts various events including the Alba White Truffle Fair and the bi-annual Slow Food Cheese Festival in Bra. Start planning now for the fall 2025.

cheese in bra, piemonteSlow Food Movement

The Slow Food movement originated in Piemonte and continues to be a stronghold of the movement, which emphasizes local and sustainable food and supports culinary traditions. Across the region, there are numerous restaurants, trattorie and wine bars that adhere to these principles. Be ready to dig in, raise a glass and relax.

Are you curious? Contact us for a custom experience in Piemonte.

7 reasons piemonte pin

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