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Biscotti recipe

By August 29, 2017No Comments

Autumn is around the corner. In Boston, Mom is canning peaches in simple syrup, making plum jam and jarring peppers. I’m indulging with fresh figs, peaches and tomatoes by the kilo and cooking jam and sun-drying tomatoes. I’m in no rush for August to end. The more time that passes by the more I am grateful for the seasons. The relentless heat of summer reminds me to relish chilly winter days when comforting vegetable stews simmer in an iron Dutch oven on our stovetop and I happily turn on the oven to warm up our kitchen and bake apple pie, date-nut bread and sesame biscotti. The desserts that I love baking and eating the most are biscotti and cookies. I use my grandmother Louise’s simple biscotti recipe as a base and change it by adding nuts or dried fruit, dipping them in chocolate or brushing them with a lemon glaze. Her biscotti recipe is an easy one to follow for first time bakers and experienced bakers alike. Mix, bake and enjoy.

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