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Where to eat and find free WiFi in Rome

By March 14, 2017October 29th, 2022No Comments

Working in Rome as an entrepreneur without an office space requires two things: finding balance and discipline at home, and a handful of reliable spots with good wifi around town.
I avoid frequent coffee breaks and fridge sweeps while pounding the keys of my computer in a corner of my living room, but it tests my self control and demands a well regimented routine. Finding a comfortable place to plug in my laptop to work in a relatively peaceful public environment presents an equally big challenge.

Free wifi and good food in Rome

Free wifi hotspots – often provided by a public administrative office – are spotty if not downright ineffectual. Your best options are places that offer a free password-protected connection that doesn’t require a registration with an email account or a local cell number. If on top of that you’re looking for well-brewed caffeinated beverages, fine food and courteous staff, the selection narrows even further.

While waiting for the universally accepted wifi-friendly coffee multinational Starbucks to open their “third place” coffee shops in Rome, giving students places other than home or school to study, tourists who can’t access internet in their lodging, and office-less business people like me, this is my shortlist of public spaces in Rome with reliable wifi, where it’s possible to work while sipping espresso or munching on tasty food.

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