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Eating seasonally: autumn fruit

By October 13, 2017No Comments

Eating seasonally is a primordial urge coded deeply inside basic human DNA. It’s like the ticking of an inner clock. But modern day globalization and mass distribution have largely erased seasons, tampering with human rhythms and instincts, not always for the better. Eating food that’s in season means feeding on fresher, more flavorful produce, though many don’t know it. Eating seasonally is also more affordable: buying food when it’s abundant is cheaper for both farmers and distributors, significantly knocking down prices at the market. It also supports local farmers and growers, which in turn helps local communities flourish.

Eating seasonally in Italy: persimmon

In autumn, with the harvest over, it’s time to let fruits and vegetables do their work. Loaded with sustaining nutrients, they’re ideally suited to help nourish the body during colder months. In Italy, fall fruits are abundant and used in all sorts of delicious ways. Here’s a sampling…

Eating seasonally: autumn fruits

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