What we think or dream or do is determined by what we eat and drink.”
– F. T. Marinetti

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Eating Adventures


Eating adventures in Florence

One of the best ways to discover a city is by exploring its food culture and experiencing daily life with its residents. A leisurely neighborhood tasting trek and market visit takes food lovers to some of Florence’s most typical and food-centric neighborhoods. Each  eating adventure is characterized by visiting top notch markets and shops offering authentic Florentine treats. Along the way we discuss local culinary and wine history while sampling an assortment of what Florentines typically eat everyday.

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Market & Food Exploration in Florence

Our Market & Food exploration allows food lovers to peruse one of Florence’s most representative and characteristic neighborhood markets. During our stroll, we discuss the specialties and groceries sold in the marketplace, while mixing with locals and tasting delectable samples.

Market & Food Exploration in Florence

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A trip to the market anywhere is a great way to feel the energy and take the pulse of a given place. Our Florence Market & Food Exploration brings food lovers to the city’s most representative markets, like the Mercato di San Lorenzo, the classic Sant’Ambrogio market and others.

While strolling along, participants take in the incredible sounds, aromas and flavors of the season. Weaving through the market with a local food expert, food lovers meet vegetable and fruit vendors, butchers, and bakers while sampling Florentine specialties like regional cured meats, schiacciata – a local flat bread – or castagnaccio, a chestnut and rosemary cake. After the market, there’s a chance to visit small and lesser known shops nearby for Tuscan treats like Pecorino di Pienza cheese and wild boar salami.

The adventure may end toasting with a glass of Montepulciano or Vernaccia wine paired with a sourdough crostone topped with sun-dried tomatoes, fresh pecorino and olives, but for those with a sweet tooth gelato, chocolate or cantucci almond cookies are an alternative.

For more information about this eating adventure in Florence, please email florence@italyfoodandwinetours.com

Please notify us in advance of any food allergies and aversions.

Neighborhood Food Exploration in Florence

Our Florence neighborhood food explorations are intended for food lovers who wish to broaden their understanding of Florentine and Tuscan cuisine. This may include discovering local olive oil – some of the finest in Italy – wine, artisanal cheeses, prized cured meats, pastries and seasonal produce. Visiting and tasting the goods sold at small, family-run neighborhood specialty shops and beloved Florentine food destinations, gives visitors insider knowledge about regional specialties, local customs, and off-the-map secrets and the unique chance to meet the people who make and sell the products, for a deeper insight into Italian culture.

Centro Storico Neighborhood


On our Florence Centro Storico Neighborhood eating adventure, food lovers discover the recently trendy but ever popular Florentine street food staples like sandwiches filled with lampredotto (tripe) or tongue topped with salsa verde. Food trucks selling cecina (chickpea fritters), spelt soup and roast pork sandwiches also can be found along the way.

Participants are taken through the backstreets of the city to well-loved secret food kiosks, and small boutique shops to sample artisanal breads, focaccia, cheeses like Pecorino delle Crete Senesi (produced since the 15th century) and the rare Marzolino del Chianti. Cured meats like the fennel seed infused finocchiona salami and creamy lardo di colonnata are an added treat. Afterward, continue the stroll with your knowledgeable guide to a nearby cafe for a chat and glass of world renowned Tuscan wine or gelato.

For more information about this eating adventure in Florence, please email florence@italyfoodandwinetours.com

Please notify us in advance of any food allergies and aversions.

Wine Tasting Tours


Wine Tasting Adventures in Florence

Italian wine culture is extensive and may appear overwhelming. The focus of our wine tasting is to experience, learn and understand the depth and richness of Italian wine. A friendly specialist explains the importance of region, land and climate, the winemaking process and how these all affect the taste of each label. Our fun and lively Wine Tasting Adventure takes place in different enoteche wine bars where the atmosphere is warm and cozy, and can be customized to suit both the connoisseur looking for a more in-depth tutorial, and the novice approaching Italian wine for the first time.

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Vino 101 in Florence


Each Italian wine region has its own character with so many variables that it is fascinating to learn what distinguishes one from the other. The rolling hills of Tuscany are world famous as one of the most important winemaking areas in Italy.

Set in several Florence wine bars, our Vino 101 tasting allows wine lovers to sip, acquire and understand – in a relaxed environment – the nuances of different wines and the importance of food & wine pairings. A wine expert provides an overview of local winemaking with lively discussion about production method, local grape varieties and wine culture in general, to better understand why these elements are essential to the taste and fragrance of each bottle. By the end of the evening your deeper understanding of Italian wines is guaranteed to help you better describe, discern and select the wine most suitable to your tastes.

For more information about this wine tasting adventure in Florence, please email florence@italyfoodandwinetours.com

Please notify us in advance of any food allergies and aversions.