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Food delivery in Rome

By February 5, 2019March 26th, 2019No Comments

Will Rome become another NY, where you can, and do, get everything delivered at home? It appears so.

Home food delivery is no flash-in-the-pan. It will fundamentally alter the food service landscapes, and lead to a monumental change in the restaurant industry.

Food delivery in Rome

Online companies offering to pick up food and bring it home are proliferating in Italy. But don’t think old school take-out, in which the restaurant sends your food, period. The food delivery industry has upped its game. Abroad, and increasingly in Europe, with Italy jumping on the bandwagon, specialized food delivery companies have carved out a surprisingly large chunk of the food market. Delivery service companies make deals with restaurants, restaurant owners pay a small commission to the delivery company and so do final users on top of their food order. Delivery proceeds are then divided between delivery company and individual drivers. In Italy, these are usually bike/scooter riding youngsters carrying large cubic, branded thermal delivery containers the size of a bedside table.

When Italian Amazon first introduced food delivery services in mid-2015, many voiced skepticism, wondering how Italian dining culture could absorb something that ran against its nature, particularly on a large scale. How would those who roll out their own tagliatelle and swear by their mamma’s cooking––a suspicious lot––respond to the trend? Rome is a place where some people still covet their address and apartment number. It’s also a city where cash plays as powerful a role as credit in basic transactions.

But the results are in, and they suggest a generational change…

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