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Getting Around Venice Sull’acqua

By July 19, 20239 Comments
Venice Grand Canal

Water has always been of great importance in my life both literally and figuratively. By birth, I am a Pisces and it does truly encompass my identity through and through. Growing up on Cape Cod, I was blessed to have the opportunity to be a beach baby. Sand in my toes, sunburned nose, and post beach naps filled the days of my youth as often as possible. I wish they still did! Some day…  

Although I love being in the ocean, going on boats was not something that I did quite often. However, when the opportunity arose to go on a whale watch, ferry, deep sea fishing, or a friend’s boat, I would jump at the chance. There is just something about being on the water that is empowering and humbling at the same time. Now imagine it as a way of daily life. It’s not easy for many of us right? I couldn’t until last year when I visited Venice for the first (and second) time. 

Grand Canal Venice

Venice is a magical place. There is no denying this. If you have not had the opportunity to visit, I would change this immediately. Yes, it is crowded with tourists. But it is worth any aggravation you may feel due to the crowds. I don’t think you have to stay long, unless it calls to you, but you must get there and you must put yourself on the water.

According to Venezia Autentica, Venice is made up of 118 islands with 391 bridges crossing 177 canals. Nicknames of Venice rightfully include “Queen of the Adriatic”, “City of Water”, “Serenissima” and “The Floating City”.  It is truly unlike any other place in the world. Water is this city’s backbone and life-force.

When I came back from Venice in April of 2022, I wrote about their amazing food because, well, you have to! However, the water is an entity to itself in Venice. There are so many ways to enjoy Venice, but at some point in your journey, you absolutely MUST get on the water. Here are a few ways how.

Water taxi from the airport

Water taxi in Venice

Your overnight flight just landed in Venice, now what? Obviously you want to get to your hotel as quickly as possible! Taking the train and maneuvering through the passageways of Venice is not a pleasant experience with your baggage as they are full of cobblestones and bridges with slippery steps. Why not treat yourself to a water taxi to bring you as close to your accommodations as possible? With many hotels, your water taxi can literally drop you at their door. Water taxis can be arranged to pick you up from the airport which is extremely easy or you can grab one outside of Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia train station.

Take a Gondola Ride

Gondola ride for a true venice sull'acqua experience

Oh, the romance of it all! Talk about selfie heaven! The Venetian Gondola experience is probably high up on most peoples list of things to do when visiting Venice. I have to admit, I have never done it! However, I would think I am in the minority. It is a beautiful sight to see the couples, groups of friends, and families enjoying a leisurely gondola ride. It is still on my list and I am certain that on my next trip to Venice, I will check that box!

Learn to be the Gondolier

Rowing in Venice

This is not for the faint of heart but will undoubtedly get your adrenaline pumping! Let us set you up with rowing lessons. During this 90 minute experience, your guides will teach you the correct techniques to row, row, row your gondola gently through the waterways of Venice. Although I have never been on the quintessential gondola ride, I have learned to row. That smile you see right there… pure joy. It was one of THE most unreal days I have ever enjoyed.

Rent a private boat

private boat for a true venice sull'acqua experience

Looking for a longer, more relaxed boating experience? Why not rent a private boat for a few hours to take you through the Grand Canal while weaving in and out of the neighborhoods of Venice? Pack a picnic or make it an aperitivo before your dinner reservations. There are endless options including a half or full day in which you can explore the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello.


Traghetto in Venice for a true venice sull'acqua experience

I first learned about the traghetto the hard way: using Google maps. I was on my way to meet a colleague when my digital map took me right to the Grand Canal in an area without a bridge at the ready. Hmmm… ok. What is this about? Then I see this gondola, now I know as a traghetto, making trips back and forth from one side to the other, over and over and over again! Brilliant! It is probably the most cost effective way to cross the Grand Canal. There are seven stops throughout Venice, and it seems much like knowing where the closest bathroom is, it is best to know where the nearest traghetto stop is!

ACTV Water Transport

Public transportation in Venice for a true venice sull'acqua experience

There is never anything wrong with taking public transportation, especially when it’s a boat! Venice has a very user friendly system that takes you up and down the Grand Canal with multiple stops. This does take a bit of forethought thought in order to make the boat work for you. Look into the various ticket and pricing options so that you can maximize your trip. It is a great option if you are staying in Venice for multiple days.

We hope that Venice is on your list of places to visit sooner rather than later. And when you do, please make sure you get on the water in at least one way!

Stay tuned as we will be announcing our newest experiences in Venice soon. In the mean time, if you find yourself planning your trip to Venice, contact us. We would love to assist you in planning your trip.

Venice sull'acqua

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