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Heading North!

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To say that travel to Italy is back is a vast understatement. It is hard to believe that the Covid lockdown was a little over four years ago. Or is it hard to believe? So much has changed, yet so much has stayed the same. With all we have been through, the desire to experience the new and revisit the old, lives on. This sentiment continues to drive the ladies of Casa Mia. While we strive to provide the highest quality service to our clients, we are constantly looking to create new experiences for them. Currently we are expanding into new territory; literally and figuratively! We are so incredibly blessed to have worked with so many people who have visited Italy before and after the Pandemic. It is our great pleasure to inform you Casa Mia is officially headed North!

we can't wait to show you Piemonte!

Over the past two years we carefully planned, designed and executed multiple research trips taking us beyond our current Casa Mia borders and into Veneto, Piedmont, and Lombardy. Italy never disappoints. There is just so much to take in. There were many times when we would look at each other while at a wine tasting, or walking through a new city,  and ask “Is this really our job?” Please know we are not traipsing around Italy on a daily basis drinking wine and savoring cheese, but it is our vision that you will be doing so, quite soon. Research and development is only one piece of what we do, but it is vital in order to produce experiences that our clients will enjoy. It is the Casa Mia Advantage!

So here we are – heading north! We are excited to introduce to you a sampling of our new experiences in Venice and Verona. These are hot off the press and headed to our website soon!

Venice sull’acqua

Venice sull'acqua

The canals of Venice are deeply rooted in the history of this magical city. What better way to understand Venice than by boarding a batelina and taking to the water? Your privately guided tour will start by learning the fundamentals of Venetian rowing, on land before boarding to get down the basics. Then, onto the water you go, and where you will find yourself gliding along the canals and out to the Venetian Lagoon. Learn about the history of rowing, about the city, its architecture, and culture while taking turns being the gondolier! This experience undoubtedly works up an appetite and thirst. Since you have rowed like a true Venetian, you will now eat and drink like one. Your guides will take you to a few bàcari to eat a variety of typical cicchetti with prosecco or local wines to experience the authentic flavor of Veneto.

The Flavors of Venice

venice food

Experience Venice like locals – through food and drink!  Indulge all your senses during this experience which takes you through the streets of Venice to savor all that this city has to offer. Hopping from bàcaro to bàcaro you will learn of the history of this romantic city, its (sometimes not so) noble reputation, and the pride of its people that continues in full force today.  This tour will undoubtedly satiate your appetite for culture, tradition, and cuisine.

Cooking with Casa Mia in Venice:  Cicchetti


Cicchetti might as well be a national treasure for Italy and one can only find them in Venice. Join your private chef at his home kitchen to prepare, and of course, eat 5 different types of Venetian tapas or small appetizers. These gourmet bites are always seasonal and prepared with the freshest, local ingredients including fish, meat, and vegetables. No experience is complete without dessert or gelato! Not only will you have a fantastic time, but you will take home the knowledge to greatly impress your friends and family at the next get-together!

Enchanting Verona


Verona, also known as “Little Rome,” is located in the Veneto region of Italy. Although a small city in square footage, its presence within Italy is immense. Verona is a relatively modern city whose beautiful marble streets are lined with many upscale shops. Its main piazzas are perfect for sipping on coffee or a glass of wine while watching the day-to-day movement of city life. However, its history, art and architecture, as well as its gastronomic presence has much to offer. Verona is home to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the historic Roman Arena where concerts delight opera enthusiasts each summer, and its iconic Medieval castle. Undoubtedly, you will leave this World Heritage Site with a greater understanding and appreciation.

Exploring Valpolicella

Enjoy a full day exploring the majestic land of Amarone: the Valpolicella! Allow us to guide you through small roads that cross vineyards and hills, stopping at ancient villages along the way where the view is breathtaking. You’ll stop at wineries where the wine makers will welcome you and show you how Amarone wine is made before you sit, toast and taste Valpolicella wines from Classico to Ripasso and Amarone, paired with local delights before heading back to Verona.

Please note that these listed above are just the beginning. We have other fully customizable experiences at the ready to bring you through this beautiful region of Italy and beyond. Stay tuned for our next installment of Casa Mia is headed North!

Headed north

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