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Holiday libations to toast us all

By December 2, 2020August 11th, 2021No Comments

It has been an unusual year to say this least. We, at Casa Mia, have been busy cooking in our new aprons, and pairing wine and cheeses for people across the world. It has been an amazing trip that has allowed us to meet so many wonderful individuals and unite friends and families through our private classes. We would like to raise a glass and toast you all… a glass of what you ask? Cocktails to toast each other; read on friends…

The holidays may look a bit different this year.  Let’s be honest, just about the whole year has looked a bit different, this year.  This past June, I wrote a blog entitled “A toast to a brighter tomorrow:  Summer 2020.”  The phrase that still sticks with me, “But I still firmly believe in best in people. I foresee this summer as one of toasting; to life, to death, to freedom, to justice.”  Summer turned into fall, and winter is upon us. I think, no I insist, we continue to toast one another, our differences, and our individuality.  Easier said than done? Maybe. Impossible? Definitely not. Cocktails to toast each other; patience…


Maybe what we need is a little cocktail inspiration.  Cocktails to toast each other… will it bring world peace? Of course not. But maybe it will give us pause to look to those on the left, to those on the right, to those who do not look like us on the outside or have different opinions, and raise a glass to remember that we are all actually in this together. This is a fact that will not change. 

Cocktails in Catania

We are many trees, with many roots. Each root is important for the survival of the tree that makes up the forest. I urge you not to lose sight of the forest.  An Italian proverb states: La vita è questa: Niente è facile, e nulla è impossibile. meaning “Life is as such: Nothing is easy, and nothing is impossible.” Cheers to that.

Cocktail inspiration you seek… look no further for a worthy libation to toast each other; thirsty?

Feeling festive? Martini ideas!

Sweet martinis are always popular.  These have never been a preference of my palate, but working in a bar for so many years, the festive, catchy, cocktail special is always a hit! The more accoutrements the better! Think bells and whistles. Although moderation friends, as too many of these will have you hearing bells and whistles later that night and the next day!


Pumpkin Martini – OK, so I like pumpkin in my bread, but that is about all. However these martinis have a cult like following so my taste buds must be wrong. Although geared more towards the beginning of the holiday season, they may stay for the duration. It’s 2020… anything can/will happen.

Eggnog-a-tini – Say that 10 times fast. Now drink one and try it again. Sweetness cut with liquir and topped with nutmeg brings me back to my childhood and reinforces my adulthood all in one sip! Cinnamon simple syrup? C’mon!

Candy Cane-tini – They are just so pretty! And pretty delicious too. I use regular vodka instead of the whipped cream vodka – what can I say… I’m sweet enough!

Timeless tastes: the classics

Looking for a little more old school, nostalgic libation? Classics never go out of style, unless you drink too many of them and you are no longer stylish. Think glamourous glassware with these drinks. Class, in every glass. 


Poinsettia – Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. What is more festive than bubbles? Well, add a little cranberry juice and finish with Cointreau and you will find out! These champagne flutes truly make this libation sparkle.

Gin and tonic with rosemary – My mother’s tried and true cocktail. Yes, it is quite literally in my blood. However, try adding a spring of rosemary and a squeeze of grapefruit to give it a holiday boost. Up your tonic game with Fever Tree.

Bailey’s – On the rocks or straight up, the sight, sound, and flavor of this liquor brings me to Christmas night sitting around the fire in the glow of the tree simply sipping in the holiday with my loved ones. Nostalgia in a glass.

New kids on the block

New to you, new to me, new on the scene? I don’t know where these fit in with you but I just became friends with bourbon. I never put the effort into the relastionship and, now, I don’t know why I took so long to acknowledge this delight.

Lemon Sage Bourbon – I would like to introduce you to my new friend bourbon. Make a lemon sage simple syrup. Pour bourbon over ice and add simple syrup to taste.

Amaro – This gem has been around for years. I mean like for a long, long, time. Ancient Rome. However in the past few years it is finally getting more attention. My first amaro love is not available in the States just yet. Si chiama Paesano. Stay tuned… you will meet Giuseppe soon and your world, and the world of your taste buds will never be the same.

Mai-Tai (is off) – Let’s be honest if you have a few of these your tie, among other garments, may fly off. This cocktail was inspired by the father in “A Christmas Story.” Something tells me that he would have drank this over his duck dinner Chiristmas Day. It is deliciously smooth, so be easy on yourself here!

Please remember that what you drink is not anywhere near as important as what and who you toast. There are silver linings everywhere, it just takes time to see them. Open your eyes, open your hearts, open your minds. Cheers.

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