Life Lessons and Cheese

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Life lessons in cheese ·

Finding beauty in everyday hard work

I’ve always worked behind the camera. In the 15 years as a freelance script supervisor, I did get the occasional cameo — production teams save cash by casting crew-members in bit roles — but that was as far as it ever went.
My family’s showbiz heritage aside, I never imagined finding myself in front of the lens.
But in 2010 I opted for a crazy career change that ended up downsizing both my duties and my income. I decided to focus on writing about food for print and the web. The transition from one job to the other allowed me to be a mother to my son. It also brought unexpected attention to my writing and sparked a newfound love for both composition and photography. My budding new profession also helped imbue me with a more entrepreneurial outlook.
Amid all this reinvention, I pitched an idea for a TV show about the cheeses of Italy. It was almost an afterthought. Out of the blue, the idea was picked up by Gambero Rosso, Italy’s top food network…

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