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Il Marchese – Europe’s first amaro bar opens in Rome

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Europe’s first amaro bar opens in Rome, Italy. The name is Il Marchese, and here bitters stop being simple end-of-meal digestives, and instead become protagonists.

Il Marchese, Europe's first amaro bar opens in Rome

Located on central Via Ripetta, not far from Piazza del Popolo and Piazza Augusto Imperatore, Il Marchese is the brainchild of Matteo Zed. Hailing directly from the US where he trained and supervised many bar projects, native Italian Zed is the mixology guru launching this hot new new trend in Italy––ironically the home of amaro! After several years abroad gaining international experience at Del Posto and Zuma, Giorgio Armani Restaurant and Black Tail in New York, Zed is sure that the amaro craze will have equal resonance in Italy. “While most of the Amaro bars in the world stock 30/40 labels. Il Marchese boasts close to 500”.

Il Marchese, Europe's first amaro bar opens in Rome

The Amaro bar of Il Marchese is the first in the world to have such a large and niche offer, a selection focused on Italian brands with some international labels to boot. Il Marchese will also be the first Amaro Bar to offer a cocktail list all based on bitters, and a selection of amari that, every month, will revolve around 30 different brands.

Il Marchese, Europe's first amaro bar opens in Rome

The list of cocktails is divided into three categories all based on Amaro: Twists on Negroni and American Style Cocktails, Signature and Seasonal cocktails, and finally “unforgettables” and Great Classics, each using amaro. Each cocktail is defined by its botanicals and through the legend that characterizes it. Moreover, among the strengths of the Amaro Bar at Il Marchese is the opportunity of arranging specially led vertical amaro tastings, with selections of vintage bitters, dating back to 1950 to 1970, from the softer and more harmonious, to the more edgy and bitter, choosing from more than 30 ancient bottles, many labels of which rare and now off the market.

Il Marchese, Europe's first amaro bar opens in Rome

Open daily 11.30 am to 1 am

Il Marchese
Via di Ripetta 162
00186 – Rome
tel. +39 0690218872

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