Markets & Street Food



Markets & Street Food

This experience introduces food lovers to two of the most ancient and characteristic markets in Palermo. Here, among hollering vendors, buzzing activity, vibrant colors and delicious aromas, participants have the opportunity to chat with friendly and trusted purveyors, and experience Sicilian food culture by observing (and tasting!) the products of local fishmongers, farm-to-market produce sellers, street food kiosk owners, charcuterie vendors, and bakers.

Tasty samples as we move through the market may include sfincione (a super-topped thick Palermitan pizza), arancini (fried risotto croquettes), panelle (chickpea flour fritters), and for the brave, pani ca’ meusa (spleen sandwiches), stingghiole (skewers of sheep, goat or veal intestines) and much more. We talk about the meaning of eating seasonally and how Sicilian cuisine is connected to fresh produce and traditions while pointing out some stunning city sites along the way. The market stroll may finish off with a fantastic coffee and artisanal pastries, gelato or a glass of local wine.


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