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Roscioli…across the pond

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After having the most beautiful experience of living in Rome for 5 months, I came to know the Roscioli name, quickly, and quite well. While working at the Rome Sustainable Food Project at the American Academy in Rome, fresh bread from this iconic name is delivered and used each and every day in the kitchen. This is quite typical in Rome, as Roscioli has provided many, many, MANY establishments with their bread on the daily.

forno roscioli rome

As Gina Tringali writes in her blog, Antico Forno Roscioli, bread legacy in Rome, “Heartfelt passion, devotion and an emphasis on quality ingredients from start to finish are the keys to Roscioli’s continued success.” Roscioli is a legend in Rome and this is not due to luck. It is because they are, and continue to be, all in. It is not just about livelihood, it is about preserving a way of work, a way of eating, a way of baking, a way of life. That is the legend that is Roscioli.

Roscioli in Rome

Although strongly rooted in their passion for preserving the way of the past, this core value in no way prevents the Roscioli family from looking forward. What started as a mere bakery in 1974, has grown into its own Roman Empire which includes Antico Forno Roscioli, Salumeria Roscioli Restaurant, Caffè Pasticceria Roscioli, Rimessa Roscioli, Wine Club Roscioli, plus Wine tastings, Cooking classes, an online shop and R-House. But it doesn’t stop here. Roscioli decided to head West, across the pond to New York City. Thank you. No, seriously. Thank you.

Roscioli NY

When I moved back to Boston, finding a restaurant that served Carbonara was impossible. There were, and continue to be, so many places that serve a version of this dish, but authentic Carbonara it is NOT. Until now. Roscioli is Stateside! In October 2023, Roscioli opened on MacDougal Street in the Soho/West Village area of New York City. And I finally was able to go. Did I have Carbonara? Do you even have to ask?

Roscioli in NY

Roscioli NYC is a hidden gem whose windows not only lure you in with their gentle interior lighting, but also create a longing for the products they display. The street-facing windows present as a simple market, but it is so much more. Upon walking inside this becomes quickly apparent. A deli case stands directly in front of you with a sushi style bar overlooking the open kitchen which is surrounded by comfortable banquets and romantic tables. All of which invite you to come, sit, and enjoy.

Roscioli in NY

The waitstaff was extremely friendly and welcoming as well as knowledgable about their wine service. Sitting at the bar overlooking the kitchen gave insight to the care with which they take for each order. This was apparent in the presentation and flavor of each dish. I naturally had to consume mortadella, polpette, and the Carbonara. Each taste brought me back to Roma. Very few places in the US have ever come close to bringing memories of Roma back in such a way. So thank you again, Roscioli. Reservations are not easy, so plan accordingly. Even if you THINK you are going to be in the area in a month, go ahead and book a table. You can always cancel! They offer an à la carte menu as well as a tasting menu. Unfortunately I was unable to go downstairs to where they hold private events as well as tasting events. It is on my radar for my next trip to NYC. A presto Roscioli NYC!

Roscioli NYC

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