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Speakeasies in Rome

By December 27, 2016October 25th, 2022No Comments

Forget the dreaded term apericena – contraction of aperitivo and cena – the new Rome drinking trend is mixology and Roaring Twenties inspired. In fact, Rome seems to have not only caught up, but actually overtaken many of the world’s best bar scenes in a very short time, with a particular penchant for secret speakeasies. Bartending is now a craft, and Rome-based professionals have got great cocktail game.

Speakeasies in Rome ·

Aperitivo in Rome normally lasts between 6pm and dinnertime, which is hardly ever before 8.30pm. The recent cocktail vogue has extended that time frame well through the night.
Provided you know the password.

Speakeasies in Rome ·

Photos © Andrea Di Lorenzo

Ready to be transported to the time of outlawed alcohol and tiny flapper dresses?

Speakeasies in Rome ·

Jerry Thomas Project is part of Rome’s flourishing speakeasy scene.

Continue reading a shortlist of favorite Rome speakeasies ➔ Roaring Rome as appeared on The American Magazine in Italia October 2016.

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