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Summer wines to make you smile

By June 8, 2022No Comments
summer wines

With Memorial Day weekend now in the rear view mirror, Summer is officially here. There is something about the first warm summer nights that evokes euphoria. The smell of freshly cut grass, how it feels between your toes walking barefoot, and the colors that dance in the sky during beautiful sunsets. Then the heat arrives and undoubtedly the sweat. Ahh, summer.

Weekend escape to S. Stefano di Sessanio

This summer seems to be shaping up to feel like a “real” summer again. Parades, back yard BBQs, bridal showers, baby showers, and weddings all seem to be happening at once. It’s wonderful to celebrate love and life so freely again. Two years ago, I wrote a blog A Toast to a Brighter Tomorrow: Summer 2020 in which I wrote: “This summer I challenge you to make it a point to raise a glass and cheers to your friends, family, neighbor, and stranger. We are all in this together.” I still stand by this statement and encourage you do so again this summer.

summer wines

What will be in your glass? For me, my glass will most likely be raised with a Red, a White, or a Rosé. Here, I share with you a few of my favorites.


I have to go with Lambrusco here. I was spoiled. My first sip of Lambrusco was in Emilia-Romagna, the birthplace of Lambrusco. Unfortunately, Lambrusco got a bad rap in the United States as it was originally represented by poor quality and disgustingly sweet variations. Do no let this sway you from drinking this delightful red. You must buy yourself a good Lambrusco. Chill it and allow for the refreshment to take place. As I have stated before, the pure bliss of this wine is unequivocal. Check out the Lambruscos by Denny Bini. His Lambrusco wines were my introduction into this delicious world. In fact, you can read my interview with him. Then buy his wines. 

Denny Bini: summer wines


So, so, so many white wines to choose from. For summer, I look for crisp, subtle fruit, and minerality. This combination is classic and refreshing. Summer = Sicily, am I right? A beautiful Etna Bianco to tame the heat that summer brings. This beautiful vino pictured below is crafted by ValCerasa and made with 100% Carricante grape which is indigenous to Sicily. You can taste the minimality of Mount Etna in each sip. Refreshing, yet still interesting. Sometimes white wines in the summer are so light, you can’t really taste their expression. This is not the case with this wine. You can drink it on its own, or with beautifully grilled fish; perfect on a summer’s evening.

summer wines: white from Sicily


Rosé all day. Cliché? Yes. Truth? Certainly. Put this phrase on a t-shirt, bathing suit, wine glass, or tattoo? Ok that may be a bit much. However, the power of rosé stands the test of time. When the first warm notes of spring are upon us, our glasses turn to pink and don’t look back until the final moments of warmth in late September. I do find that rosé is best as a seasonal wine. Drinking it in the winter, just does not seem appropriate. However, to each their own. I must shout out our dear family friends, Tony and Kathy Koski, who first introduced my family to the art of Rosé all Day. Your commitment to this wine and its place on the table, is humbling! One of my favorites is this Pet Nat, Porta del Vento Perricone Voria Rosé. Summer in a glass.

summer wines: rosé

Summer 2022 has arrived. I wish you all health and happiness during these hot months. Remember to stop and smell the roses; to appreciate what we have overcome; to give yourself permission to star gaze. Cin cin!

summer wines to make your smile

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