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Thirsty for Summer? Italian beer is here

By May 10, 2023No Comments
thirsty for summer - italian beer

The warmer months are upon us and summer shall find her way to us in no time. Growing up in New England, the greatest certainty we knew, is the uncertainty that comes with our weather. It was 85 degrees a week ago and today we are hoping to see 54. What can you do? Not much. Even though the ebbs and flow of nature exist, so too does the notion that in New England, we will always have our four seasons. I firmly believe that this is a blessing in so many ways. One of which is the reminder of eating and drinking seasonally.  

As the seasons turn, so too do our desire for different foods and beverages. The outdoor season that accompanies the warmer months screams for cold drinks. Have you had the opportunity to expand your palate to refreshing Italian beers? No? Well, if not now, when? Allow me to introduce you to a couple of my favorite Italian beers! This list of beers is just the beginning, but we need to start somewhere, right?

Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Peroni is probably the most widely known of the Italian beers in America. It can be found in many restaurants, especially Italian ones, throughout the country. ts humble origins start in Northern Italy in 1846 by Francesco Peroni yet its name grew quickly. Less than a decade later, Giovanni Peroni, Francesco’s son opened their second brewery in Rome and shortly became the largest brewery in Italy. Roughly a decade later, Peroni is exported throughout the world. Peroni Nastro Azurro boasts a crisp balanced flavor highlighting both its hops and slight citrus presence.

thirsty for summer - italian beer Peroni


Born in 1857 and a few years younger than its Italian amico Peroni, Birra Moretti undoubtedly holds its own amongst the elite of Italian beers. The father of Birra Moretti, Luigi Moretti, developed his beer at the wise old age of 37 and never looked back. Although one must give the branding rights to his nephew who developed its iconic label which possesses a truly welcoming story behind it. In 1942 Luigi’s nephew saw a man in a bar drinking Moretti and he was taken by the man’s appearance which he believed to portray the honest nature of the beer. The nephew asked if he could take a picture of the man and utilize it for the purpose of branding. The man agreed and thus the label known around the world was born. Birra Moretti comes in both blonde and rossa perfect for summer and winter respectively.

italian beer moretti

Angelo Poretti

There is something poetic about naming your beer after you utilizing both your first and last name. Boastful? Maybe, but Angelo Poretti’s “Angelo Poretti” stands up to the brag. This beer was developed after its predecessors Peroni and Moretti in 1877 by, yes you guessed it, Angelo Poretti. It’s a bit softer on the palate as the hoppy bitterness is balance by its underlying sweetness. This beer’s tagline is simply, “An Italian Beer, Made for the table” and it is just that. Lesser known but still of great quality, Angelo Poretti can be served with potato chips during aperitivo, a lighter primo pasta course, or a heavier roast secondo. Versatility is the name of the game here in which you are the winner.


Oh Menabrea, how I adore you so. Our relationship started 5 years ago when I lived in Rome while cooking at the American Academy. There is a small little hole-in-the-wall pizza shop that is tucked away in Trastevere where I would frequent weekly. I would order my two slices of heaven and enjoy a ice cold bottle of Menabrea while people-watching. Pure bliss. The beer possesses a perfectly balanced flavor profile that has put smile on Italian faces since 1846 due to the geniuses of Jean and Joseph Menabrea of Gressoney. I love the label, the bottle, and its claim to be the oldest brewery in Italy. The flavor has lasted the test of time and for me, it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Menabrea italian beer


Sardinia is a proud area of Italy. Yes, I realize that every area is uniquely proud of their land. However, Sardinia, is much like Sicily, in the sense you are in a completely different Italy than the mainland––in the most wonderful way. In 1912, Ichnusa came to be, a brewery whose pride is palpable both in the beer, and in the air. I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Sardinia a few years back, and when in Sardinia, drink Ichnusa. Honestly, wherever you are, drink Ichnusa. It is a well balanced, flavorful beer that does not leave you with a bitter aftertaste or a full belly. Do yourself a small favor at the very least and look at their website. It is simple yet powerfully effective, much like their beer. Better yet, give yourself a gift and buy a six pack, find some sun, and enjoy!

thirsty for summer

Italy is NOT just about wine! Beer has its rightful place at the table in Italy. It is no surprise that many of its top sellers are known throughout the world. However, the world of craft beers in Italy has been growing in popularity exponentially. Let us introduce you to the lesser known world of Italian craft beer on your next trip to Italy! Until then, be well, drink well, and stay cool.

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