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My Brilliant Friend

A privately guided food and culture tour of places made famous by the Elena Ferrante novels. 

To view the Naples of media-averse and resolutely anonymous Elena Ferrante is to see Naples like a native.

The epic “My Brilliant Friend” series of four novels offers a unique way of seeing the fascinating and complicated city of Naples, leading guests away from popular tourist sites, and learning of the social, economic and geographic divisions described in the books that span an arc of half a century. 

In the footsteps of Lila and Lenù and other characters, in the very neighborhoods where the girls grew up, guests are safely guided by a local expert and city insider through the alleys, piazzas and passageways of both working-class and well-heeled neighborhoods portrayed in the novels.

While weaving in and out of the locations described in the novels, food and literature lovers can savor some of the foods mentioned in the books.


What you'll experience

  • While weaving in and out of the locations described in the books, food and literature lovers can snack on some of the delicious local foods mentioned in the books: pizza fritta (a disc of fried pizza dough topped with tomato sauce and ricotta), sfogliatella pastries and traditional centopelli (a local dish of offal). 
  • This cultural immersion may end with a delicious espresso, or a refreshing gelato, overlooking the Gulf of Naples, a view much loved by the protagonists of the literary franchise.

Practical Info

Key Points to Consider

  • Although this tour is a mix of walking and riding as passengers in a chauffeured car, we recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes.
  • Bring a small reusable shopping bag to pick up treats at food stops. 
  • Tours operate in all weather conditions, please dress appropriately.
  • In summer we suggest wearing a hat and sunscreen, and carrying a small reusable water bottle. 
  • Please notify us in advance of any food allergies and aversions.


Tour Length

The length of the tour is 4 hours.

Start time is flexible, suggested start time for this tour is 10:00.


Frequent Asked Questions


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    Casa Mia Tours helped us fall in love with Naples! It was like wandering through the city with a friend, pausing here and there to learn a bit about the history, traditions and customs of the city and of course eating all the wonderful food. As it was a private tour we could do and go wherever we fancied and we loved it!