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guest chef series

The ladies of Casa Mia have had an incredible year and a half cooking with our beloved community. We cannot say it enough – FOOD IS LOVE. Do not get worried, we are not going anywhere. In fact, please check out the classes we have scheduled for you this summer here. Our Summer Aperitivo class features Eleonora, Gina, and Carolyn at once – can you handle it? We think you can.

Between the three of us, we know a plethora of believers in our motto of Food is Love. We cannot wait for you to meet them. They are passionate, creative, full of wisdom, and simply wonderful people who love to share their craft. Each have imparted their knowledge and passion to us. They believe, as we do, that Food is Love. Just can’t say that enough. Hence, we have opened our virtual kitchens up to include our culinary friends.

Please give a gracious and warm welcome to our first two chefs: Anthony and Fiora.

Canederli – Chef Anthony – Sunday June 27th @ 5:00 pm EST

guest chef Anthony

In our inaugural class, join guest Chef Anthony, Head Chef of Antonio’s Barcari in Boston, as he makes Canederli. This traditional Italian dumplings hail from northern Italy and are finished in a delicious cream sauce. Perfect for a simple, yet elegant summer dinner. Chef Anthony will guide you through this hands-on lesson while bestowing his wisdom and tricks of the trade. Andiamo!

Click here to cook with Anthony.

Eggplant Timballo – Chef Fiora – Thursday, July 8th @ 5:00 pm EST

guest chef Fiora

In July we are off to Sicily where Chef Fiora will teach us how to make, Eggplant Timballo, an iconic Sicilian dish which you may remember was featured in the food-themed movie “The Big Night.” Timballo means drum in Italian referring to the shape of this deep dish pasta, encased in fried eggplant. Chef Fiora will guide you through making fresh pasta, the sauce and assembling the timballo.

Click here to cook with Fiora.

Some may call this just a teaser, and they would be right. It is a teaser. It worked, didn’t it? We sincerely hope you take advantage of these unique opportunities. You have created this community for us to cook, learn, and create. We will continue to provide you with these moments and look forward to seeing you soon. Grazie amici.

guest chef series

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