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#whatscooking – YEAR TWO

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Lockdown, curfew and restrictions are still a reality in many parts of the world; Rome included. As we have all adjusted to “new normal” after “new normal,” we the ladies of Casa Mia hold firm to our belief that food is love. This has been our backbone, our source of strength, and comfort, throughout the pandemic. As we continue to spend more and more (and more) time in our kitchens, our gratitude for our Casa Mia community grows exponentially. Here we are forging ahead into Year TWO of #whatscooking Andiamo!

#whatscooking live online cooking classes - year two
April 2020

To date, Casa Mia has taught over 100 lessons, to over 1,000 Casa Mia friends, residing in over 30 states, 5 countries, and 4 continents. Four continents! We have stated these facts repeatedly, not to brag, but to pinch ourselves. We can hardly believe it! This all stemmed from our Superhero’s idea and your endless support. And yes, maybe a little blood, sweat, and tears. Yet here we are, staring down YEAR TWO full of energy, a few burn marks, and a sincere love of what we do. 

The future of Casa Mia

Live cooking classes

So what does #whatscooking Year Two look like? Great question. Many of you have asked us if there has been any inquiries for travel in 2021 and if we see ourselves returning to the in-person tour company of pre-pandemic days… these are great questions for which we don’t have concrete answers! We hope to see you all in person in Italy in the upcoming year, but the reality of the situation is, we just do not know yet. In the mean time, we will cook, and sip, with you all virtually.

Much has changed since our initial classes that were organized through emails, upon emails, and way too many spreadsheets. Casa Mia is continually developing. In fact, there are new branches of the company we have developed out of #whatscooking Year Two that we wanted to share with you.

Casa Mia Online Store

Casa Mia Online Store

Over the past year, as we have welcomed you into our kitchens, we have shared our favorite cooking tools and products. Have you visited our online store yet? All our favorites are there! Oh yes… one stop shopping for all your cooking, baking, and tasting needs. New items are added often.


A major highlight of our year is one that we have not necessarily publicized. Italy is a topic that attracts individuals of all ages. It has been one of our greatest joys to work with educational institutions to share our love of all that is Italian with students of all levels. Interested in collaborating with us? We would love to hear from you!

Guest Chef Series

Guest Chef classes at Casa Mia #whatscooking year two

This June we kick off our Guest Chef Series. We are so excited to introduce to you our friends who love cooking just as much as we do. Our network of chefs is extensive and beyond talented. Stay tuned for further details!

Summer Lecture Series

Since the inception of our online programming, we have mainly focused on cooking classes and wine and cheese tastings. Over the summer we are branching out to offer you a variety of opportunities for “tastebud travel.” Who wouldn’t want to travel to Italy for an hour? We are thrilled to welcome our friends, experts in their field, to share their knowledge and keep the spirit of Italian travel alive.

Virtual Vineyard and Dairy Farm Tours

Case Alte vineyards

Casa Mia’s monthly Wine and Cheese tastings have truly become our signature class. Thank you for your feedback on the various themes Gina and Eleonora have presented. If you have never visited a vineyard with Gina or a dairy farm with Eleonora, please make sure this goes on your bucket list. Although travel is still not allowed, we are working on brining you virtually with us to vineyards and farms this year.

Team building and Socials

team building and social in #whatscooking year two

Are you a business owner, director of professional development, or in charge of company socials? Now more than ever, colleagues need a way to connect to one another, to build trusting relationships, and quite frankly, to find fun again. The most important common denominator amongst people is food. Yes, food. Everyone has to eat to survive. We have hosted many wonderful programs for business owners and teachers alike. Contact us for more information.

Private Cooking Classes

Private Cooking Classes and Wine Tasting in #whatscooking year two

In August 2020, we held our first private event for a group of 12 who could not be together to celebrate a 60th birthday. Gina and Eleonora transported these wine and cheese lovers to Sicily for an unforgettable celebration. Since then we have hosted over 30 private classes for friends and families across the world. Let us curate a special experience for you and your people this year!


realtors Casa Mia has news for you

Are you a realtor? Do you know any realtors? Realtors from across the country have been giving our classes as house warming gifts. “Casa Mia” translates to my house. It is a perfect gift for new home owners. Contact us for more information. Not a realtor? This is still a really great gift for friends and family who have purchased a new home.

wine and cheese tastings in #whatscooking year two

It seems like only yesterday we hosted our kick-off lesson with a Q&A session in March 2020. Again, we had no idea what to expect from that first session, let alone this past year. But as we look forward to #whatscooking Year Two we are excited to continue building upon what we have created. Thank you again for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you, virtually, soon.

#whatscooking year two

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