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By March 20, 20206 Comments

Lockdown in Italy descended on homes, families, and businesses overnight. Casa Mia, like many other businesses, has been hard hit by a new reality. This new reality has given us the gift of spending more time in our homes and in our kitchens.

Our main team is Gina, Eleonora and Carolyn. Gina and Eleonora are long-time home cooks while Carolyn completed an internship in the kitchen at the American Academy in Rome. 

12 days of christmas, casa mia style

Since lockdown we’ve been spending more and more time in our respective kitchens and talking/seeing/connecting to each other via Skype, FaceTime and other methods…

A week ago we kicked off the “What’s Cooking?” game in our Instagram stories. We invite a friend, client or relative into our kitchens tagging them and asking that they share what they are cooking or eating that day along with a short video. It creates a connection, a warm feeling of closeness in a time where closeness is not an option.

Will you accept the #whatscooking challenge?

Like many, we’re cooking lots of comfort food to bring joy and nutrition to our loved ones and to ourselves. Self-care has never been more important. 

Carolyn always tells us food = love. It is “Like Water for Chocolate” or “Big Night” in NYC, or a seat at Sunday lunch with Eleonora or Gina’s family. Food has always been at the center, accompanied by the stories attached to each plate.

And so we have decided to invite you into our kitchens, not only through Instagram, but with live cooking lessons and culinary webinars.

Each of us will offer one-plate simple interactive lessons to start as a way to bring the universal us together. Lessons are for home cooks like us and are open to all.  

Our kick-off lesson will be a Q&A session with Eleonora, Gina and Carolyn, answering a variety of questions about Italy, cooking, plus techniques and recipes you’d like to learn how to make with us. 

We hope you’ll join the class on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. EST

Sign-ups are now open. No need to register, just send us an email by Tuesday, March 24 at 5:00pm EST at ciao@casamiatours.com and we’ll send you login info for our first FREE webinar.

In this unprecedented moment of social distancing, we look forward to welcoming you into our kitchens, tying on aprons, and getting to know you virtually. 

“Cooking is an expression that crosses boundaries.”
–– Ranveer Brar


  • Daniel Lawson says:

    Please sign me up for the March 25th class. Thank you!

  • Baldwin Terry says:

    I am strill trying to sign up online for the classes. i must be doing somethiing wrong. Wish youi had a simple sign up link and payment form.
    I am unable to “cook” with you…shopping for supplies is prohibited…but I would like to watrch.
    Thank You,
    Technically impaired Terry

    • Eleonora Baldwin says:

      Hi Terry, thank you for your comment and for signing up. Registration is done via email. We do not require payment to attend the lessons, although contributions are welcome. The April 9th class is fully booked. We look forward to seeing you Thursday, April 16th at 4pm!

  • Lyn Hunt says:

    Hello lovely ladies! I did want to join you but the timing is out for me as I am in Australia and therefore 8 hours ahead of you!
    I have fond memories writing and hanging with you both!

    • Gina Tringali says:

      Hi Lyn! thank you for your note. Let us know what time frame works best for you and we’ll keep it in mind for May’s lessons to be announced next week. Hugs.

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