Have you ever witnessed wine aficionados at a wine tasting? The wine’s color is noted, the wine is swirled, noses sniff away and tasters proclaim “cherries, eucalyptus, tobacco, cloves, earthy…” and that’s before they actually taste the wine. Suspicious onlookers may arch their eyebrows and wonder, “What’s in that glass?”


My 80-year-old cousin comes to mind. He drinks sweet red jug wine and is one of the happiest people I know. He sat across from me at a wine tasting, shocked and dismayed as I looked at the wine in my glass, swirled it, nosed it, tasted it and spit (not ingested) it into a spittoon. The wine’s color and nose certainly did not enter into his wine appreciation.

I don’t use words like nose, tannin, PH with malice though my editor at TheAmerican may believe the contrary. Wine knowledge and vocabulary do not equal the pleasure one gets from a good bottle of wine or jug (see above). Wine appreciation is subjective.

For the 123’s of wine tasting jargon in 3 steps continue reading “A tasting ABC”. Remember to grab a glass of white or red, bring a healthy nose and an open mind. Have fun!