Historical Center, Market & Food Exploration

A privately guided food tour of the Naples historic center. 

Our passeggiata in Naples introduces food lovers to the fascinating historic center, tasting typical artisan specialties.

The Naples’ centro storico reflects the great eras of the city’s emblematic past, from its 5th century BC Greco-Roman founding, to its importance as an 18th century kingdom and up to its modern incarnation. 

The city’s intriguing past comes to light in a juxtaposition of history, art, magnificent architecture, modern design and delicious food. 

Naples is provocative, teeming with life and authentic. Although some travelers are intimidated by the apparent grittiness, these should instead consider the city’s hospitality, history, charm, food, coffee, art, theatre, music. The list goes on.

The urban sprawl of Naples can feel tattered, anarchic and forsaken. But it’s enough to look beyond the patina of time and graffiti to see a city of breathtaking beauty, chock with dramatic skies, panoramas and art. At that point travelers will discover its elegance, engage in spontaneous conversations with locals and be surprised at the city’s profound humanity.

Churches, cloisters, narrow cobbled alleys, underground ruins, an open air market bustling with activity and an artist’s atelier are all on the itinerary.


What you’ll experience

  • On this walking food exploration of the historic center of Naples, food lovers taste typical artisan specialties: some of Napoli’s most famous caffè (espresso) and famous fried treats, such as pasta cresciuta (fried dough), montanara (fried pizza topped with tomato, cheese and basil), sfogliatella, gelato, babà and all the mozzarella cheese.
  • Guests also have the unique opportunity to explore authentic Neapolitan street food in the heart of the “vertical city”. 
  • A Naples visit wouldn’t be complete without perfect slices of famed Neapolitan pizza and a glass of wine.

Practical Info

Key Points to Consider

  • Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.
  • Bring a small reusable shopping bag to pick up treats at food stops.
    Tours operate in all weather conditions, please dress appropriately.
  • In summer we suggest wearing a hat and sunscreen, and carrying a small reusable water bottle. 
  • We also suggest bringing something to cover your shoulders if you plan on entering churches. 
  • Please notify us in advance of any food allergies and aversions.


Tour Length

The length of the tour is 3 hours.

Start time is flexible, suggested start time for this tour is 10:00 am.


Frequent Asked Questions


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    Casa Mia Tours helped us fall in love with Naples! It was like wandering through the city with a friend, pausing here and there to learn a bit about the history, traditions and customs of the city and of course eating all the wonderful food. As it was a private tour we could do and go wherever we fancied and we loved it!