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Day Trip to Naples

An immersive full-day journey to Naples from Rome.

Prepare for a truly unforgettable food, travel and cultural experience.

This day trip from Rome allows food, art and culture lovers to live the magic that is Naples for a day, taking in the sights, sounds, aromas and flavors of the city. 

The train ride from Rome to Naples central station is under 1 hour. Met by their local guide, guests are led to visit a vibrant open-air market winding in the streets of the gorgeous historic center of Naples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along the way, guests are introduced to tasty local specialties.

Naples’ ancient and modern ambivalence takes form in the city’s stunning underground train stations, 16th century tiled courtyards, critically acclaimed street-art, and life-like ancient sculptures. 

Before climbing back on the train, guests enjoy lunch in a typical trattoria, savoring delicious Neapolitan dishes in the company of their local guide.


What you'll be tasting

  • On this exclusive Naples discovery, guests taste local specialties like fried treats and pastries such as babà and sfogliatella, as well as the city’s best espresso coffee and Neapolitan style pizza.
  • Cheese, cured meats, offal and other delectable Napoli classics are also on the tasting menu.
  • Before returning to Rome, guests enjoy lunch in a typical trattoria, savoring delicious Neapolitan dishes in the company of their local guide.

Practical Info

Key Points to Consider

  • Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.
  • Bring a small reusable shopping bag if you plan to pick up treats in the market & shops. 
  • In summer we suggest wearing a hat and sunscreen, and carrying a reusable water bottle.
  • Tours operate in all weather conditions, please dress appropriately.
  • Reading material: Day trip to Naples from Rome
  • Please notify us in advance of any food allergies and aversions.


Tour Length

This is a full day tour (7 hours + travel).

Start time is flexible, suggested departure time from Rome is 9:00 am.


Frequent Asked Questions


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    Casa Mia Tours helped us fall in love with Naples! It was like wandering through the city with a friend, pausing here and there to learn a bit about the history, traditions and customs of the city and of course eating all the wonderful food. As it was a private tour we could do and go wherever we fancied and we loved it!

    AliwalsUnited Kingdom