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Top Beachside Restaurants Near Rome

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The Lazio coast, stretching along Italy’s Tyrrhenian Sea, offers a picturesque blend of sandy beaches and charming coastal towns near the capital city Rome. From the historic allure of Ostia to the bustling promenades of Anzio, each spot boasts its own unique charm. Scenic beaches like Terracina, Sperlonga, and Gaeta invite visitors to relax and indulge in the region’s natural beauty. Dining by the sea is a quintessential experience here, with numerous beachside restaurants near Rome where you can savor delicious seafood cuisine, toes in the sand, while watching the sun dance on the shimmering waves.

dining at beaches near rome

Where to eat in the coastal towns near Rome

1. Santa Marinella
2. Santa Severa
3. Fiumicino
4. Fregene
5. Maccarese
6. Ostia
7. Torvaianica
8. Anzio
9. Nettuno
10. Sabaudia
11. San Felice Circeo
12. Terracina
13. Sperlonga
14. Gaeta

sunset on the beach in santa marinella near rome

Where to eat on the beach in Santa Marinella

Renowned for its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters, Santa Marinella offers a serene escape from the bustling city life. Whether strolling along its sun-kissed beaches or exploring its historic landmarks, Santa Marinella promises a delightful blend of relaxation and cultural discovery. Here are our favorite places to eat in Santa Marinella

Beachfront restaurant that boasts priceless views and a terrace on the water that resembles the bow of a ship. Chef Kevin Murphy presents a menu in which seafood is the absolute star, with fresh, quality fish and attention to detail. Creative dishes include local prawns with fruit and lemon mayonnaise, yellowfin tuna tartare with wasabi, smelt roe and puffed rice; but also traditional recipes such as mixed fish fry and spaghetti with clams.

Fresh catch of the day and built directly on the sea, for an all-round immersion in the philosophy of the typical “trabucco” fishing shacks on stilts. The cuisine enhances the ingredients with creative and contemporary recipes. The pride of the house is the crudo raw fish: from tuna tartare to oysters by way of prawns, scampi and fish carpaccios. Recipes with cooked fish include Paccheri di Gragnano pasta with reef mullet “puttanesca” or pici with Mazara red prawns, yellow grape tomatoes and roe.
Located within Villa delle Palme, This restaurant is characterized by its seaside terrace and menu focused on the local catch. The kitchen promotes the use of super-local products, enhancing local ingredients in innovative recipes. In fact, there is no shortage of great classics of seafood cuisine on the menu: crudo, spaghetti with clams and bottarga or linguine with sea urchins.

santa severa beach near rome

Where to eat on the beach in Santa Severa

A tranquil retreat with unspoiled beaches and quaint atmosphere. This coastal town charms visitors with its rustic beauty and relaxed ambiance. It boasts a medieval castle that overlooks the shimmering waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its coastline is a haven for sun-seekers and water sports enthusiasts alike, and its beachside promenade invites leisurely strolls and alfresco dining experiences. Here are our favorites.

Pino al
This is a beach lido, hotel but above all a restaurant. Located a few steps from the sea, away from the crowds but with a sea view, the restaurant serves simple, authentic seafood cuisine. On the menu are timeless recipes such as seafood salad, octopus and potatoes, mussel sauté and spaghetti with clams. Fresh fish and old-school cuisine for a place that tastes like home.

L’Isola del
This restaurant with a clear view of the Santa Severa Castle undoubtedly holds one of the most romantic locations on the coast. Feet in the sand, fresh seafood cuisine and a unique setting are the key elements of this restaurant whose loyal guests include many celebrities. Popular recipes on the menu include octopus and potatoes, spaghetti with sea urchins and tuna steak in a pistachio crust.

Gina al Porto Romano restaurnat in Fiumicino near Rome

Gina al Porto Romano in Fiumicino near Rome

Where to eat on the beach in Fiumicino

Long gone are the days when it was just considered the airport town: today Fiumicino is one of biggest gourmet locations on the Roman coast. A scant hour by car, half that if you choose the train from Rome. Fiumicino has it all: sandy beaches, the necropolis of Isola Sacra, “all fish” meals or fine dining experiences, including one of the best pizza by the slice joints in Italy. Here are our recommendations on where to eat in Fiumicino.

Angoletto – La Boutique del
A pleasant setting with outdoor tables and informal quality seafood cuisine. In addition to the crudo of the day, the pasta with fish tartare and Taggiasca olives, the deep-sea cod steak with pappa al pomodoro and fried aubergine, or a classic, well-made fish fry, are all worthy of note. Homemade desserts, including the ever-present tiramisu.

Gina a Porto
Within the Marina Resort Porto Romano, this is one of the town’s most glamorous and popular dining destinations. In addition to the ambience, it boasts a magnificent outside area with a view of the boats that is particularly atmospheric in the evening. The cuisine is focused on top notch fish in classic and creative recipes.

Osteria dell’
Marco Claroni and Gerarda Fine, chef and dining room manager, have made their Osteria one of Fiumicino’s gourmet destinations. Claroni has been working with fish in a unique fashion for several years: his seafood charcuterie is a must. For the rest, it is best to rely on one of the tasting menus (our favorite is the only appetizer one!). Extensive wine cellar.
It is the spin off of the Tino (see above) on the second floor of the Nautilus Marina Yacht Club. 4112 is on the ground floor, with tables by the riverside. The offer always revolves around the flavors of the sea. The signature, in the kitchen, is the owner and chef of both tables, Daniele Usai. Here he offers a more classic line with selected seafood ingredients and local products.
The Di Lelio family knows how to win you over at first bite with a crispy but light, airy and fragrant pizza dough. Among the toppings, which follow the seasons, you are spoilt for choice. Even on the fritti front (fried specials) there is no joking around, with different and mouth-watering combinations every day.

dining on the beach in Fregene near Rome

Riviera in Fregene near Rome

Where to eat on the beach in Fregene

As fashionable as it gets, Fregene has also become a destination for lovers of good dining. Just a handful of miles from northern Rome, it’s fun to make a short detour at one of the many kiosks that local farmers set up on the side of the road, where you can stock up on tomatoes, zucchini and watermelon grown nearby. Here are our favorite places to eat in Fregene.

A very popular beach club, this is the home of Beniamino Gili, aka Benny, the heart and soul of a place where reservations are mandatory, and not only at the busiest time of summer. The cuisine features quality products and a few personal touches that really make the difference, together with a very good wine cellar.
One of the longest-running bathing establishments with multiple services-including a swimming pool-as well as a viable eatery captained by chef Andrea Salce, who enhances quality fish and products from the surrounding area, vegetables first and foremost, employed in flavorful dishes.

La Scialuppa da
The menu, obviously focused on seafood, offers balance between classics (spaghetti with razor clams, bruschetta with venus clams) and more creative dishes. Good selection of Italian wines and several Champagnes.

dining on the beach in Maccarese near Rome

Puntarossa da Renatone in Maccarese near Rome

Where to eat on the beach in Maccarese

Those who want a little more peace and quiet can head for the less mundane but equally organized Maccarese, even for four-legged friends (Baubeach Village is the first beach reserved exclusively for “free and happy dogs”). Only a few miles from Rome, it has great places to eat well. These are our favorites

La Cantina del
Informal and cozy setting with outdoor tables, this osteria-meets-wine-bar offers unpretentious seafood cuisine that aims for flavor with a contemporary flair, like the delicious shrimp with leeks and ginger.

Open year round, this relaxed lido offers great food and family vibes. The menu consistently features spaghetti alle vongole, fried moscardini, grilled fish, and bruschetta topped with telline, tiny clams sourced from the local coastline. Additionally, you’ll find seasonal vegetables grown within a mile of the restaurant. Instead of a sweet dessert, choose from fresh, in-season fruits like pineapple or watermelon.

The pizza dough is fragrant and well-baked, and in addition to the classics, the chalkboard always lists a few off-menu pies (although you shouldn’t forgo their supplì), adding to the specials section, such as the historic Cacio e Pepe and Greenwich pizza topped with mozzarella, Blu Stilton and Port reduction. Pleasant patio and craft beers to boot.

Puntarossa da
Informal beach club with simple, flavorful seafood cuisine featuring fresh homemade pasta. Romans in the know come there for a wholesome plate of spaghetti with clams, tonnarelli cacio pepe topped with mussels, grilled scampi, shrimp and squid, and baked catch of the day with potatoes.

linguine with lobster at Molo Diciassette in Ostia

Molo Diciassette in Ostia near Rome

Where to eat on the beach in Ostia

Beyond the classic seaside activities, Ostia is certainly a destination to consider for a good meal. From gourmet restaurants to trattorias, here are our favorite dining destinations, chosen for you.

Two blocks insland from the sea, but we could not omit this place from our list because of the quality of  the local fish. Classics include spaghetti with clams and spaghetti with sardines, alongside more elaborate recipes such as linguine with red shrimp, lime and vanilla. The calamari and shrimp fry is a must.

Among the pastas, order the timeless Roman classics, which here become Spaghetti Aglio, Olio, Peperoncino with Mussels and Cacio e Pepe with shrimp and lime. Also consider the eggplant ravioli with tomato, pesto and burrata which are homemade. Among the main courses we appreciate the amberjack wrapped in pancetta and cooked at low temperature. Meals end with ginger and lemon crème caramel, millefeuille, and semifreddo.

La Vecchia
Beach club with a historic restaurant with tables set on a circular terrace overlooking the sea. The building dates back to the 1930s and retains the charm of the architecture of that era. However, the cuisine is modern, the dishes contemporary and the fish fresh daily. Choose the seafood risotto, tonnarelli with mussels and pecorino cheese or fettuccine with langoustines and asparagus.

266 La Barraca in Torvaianica

266 La Barraca in Torvaianica near Rome

Where to eat on the beach in Torvaianica

Craving a beach escape with a touch of retail therapy? Torvaianica beckons! This charming seaside town boasts stunning dunes nestled within a Mediterranean maquis nature reserve, offering a haven for relaxation and nature lovers. Plus, you’ll have world-class shopping at your fingertips with the nearby Castel Romano Designer Outlet.

Marea is located in a charming, modern seaside location along the Roman seacoast. The large main dining room is surrounded by large windows that allow you to enjoy sea views and beautiful sunsets even in the off-season. The outdoor terrace directly overlooks the beach.

266 La
A hidden gem in an undiscovered stretch of coastline, where beach-lovers can spend relaxing moments enjoying good food, beach and a delightfully wild setting. The Morlè family brings local flavors to the table with Galician influences and, of course, high-quality ingredients. Reserve a table on the large outdoor veranda directly by the sea. We recommend the purple prawns in seawater with hazelnut cream and distilled gin and tonic with Albariño, the excellent spaghetti with telline clams and the mixed fish fry.

beach in Anzio near Rome

Where to eat on the beach in Anzio

South of Rome, Anzio balances its rich history with a relaxed coastal atmosphere. The harbor bustles with fishing activity, a testament to its working spirit. For history buffs, the town boasts the Anzio War Cemetery, a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made during WWII. Equally captivating is the Civic Archaeological Museum, showcasing relics from Emperor Nero’s ancient villa that once graced the shores here. We love visiting Anzio for the day, or staying the night and enjoying the great dining offer.

Alceste al Buon
The historic seafood restaurant, opened in 1950, is one of the landmarks for traditional local cuisine. There is a wide selection of appetizers between cooked and raw, from marinated to sautéed mussels, plus carpaccios, fish tartare and oysters. Among the pasta specials, the spaghetti alici e pecorino (grilled anchovies and pecorino cheese) mains shine with the fresh catch of the day, cooked all’acqua pazza (with cherry tomatoes), or baked, fried and stewed. The restaurant’s strong point is the magnificent terrace with views of the entire coast.

Romolo al
Here the menu exists only for formality’s sake, because Walter likes to come to the table and tell guests what the dishes of the day are, and the wine with which to pair them. We love the selection of raw fish, which can consist of 10 to 18 small plates. Among the pastas, choose maltagliati with seafood and shellfish, or spaghetti with octopus and pecorino cheese. But it is the anziate fish soup, an old fishermen’s recipe, that is the highlight: a flavorful, concentrated broth made with the smaller but infinitely tasty fish caught in the nets of the fishermen, cherry tomatoes and broken spaghetti. Mains include baked red snapper with potatoes, cherry tomatoes and Gaeta olives, and the local cuoccio fish with four tomatoes.
Another historic Anzio restaurantù. Meals open with crudo (raw seafood appetizers) or a delightful salad of valerian, shrimp, fruit and bottarga roe. Pasta courses are simple and always delicious: penne with calamari and bottarga, risotto with seafood, or homemade pastas such as tagliolini with sole and caviar. For main courses you have to leave it to the chef, it all depends on the season and what was caught earlier that day.

Terramadre in Nettuno near Rome

Terramadre in Nettuno near Rome

Where to eat on the beach in Nettuno

The arch-enemy of Anzio, Nettuno seamlessly blends historical intrigue with a laid-back seaside vibe. The borgo vecchio, or old town, perched on a cliff overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, offers a glimpse into its past. History lovers can explore the Antiquarium, showcasing archaeological finds. Meanwhile, sun-seekers can unwind on the beaches or explore the bustling harbor, a vital center for the local fishing industry. Here’s where we like to eat in Nettuno.
This restaurant in the old medieval hamlet on the sea aims to offer the products of the soil by working with small farmers exclusively from Lazio. On the menu: tortelli stuffed with mortadella, and risotto with beef, smoked herring and tamarind. Main courses feature meat like pork belly, cooked must, agretti and horseradish; lamb terrine with asparagus and hazelnuts; or tataki of beef, wakame seaweed, smoked bbq sauce and cashews. The wine cellar consists mainly of labels from small local artisans.

Ristopescheria da
In the mid-1920s this was a fish market now turned into a restaurant. Guests can enjoy dishes made from freshly caught fish, simple but flavorful. There is no real menu, dishes change daily. Among pastas, choose the tagliolini with swordfish and bottarga; paccheri with sea bass and fennel, or spaghetti with lobster.

Sabaudia near Rome

Where to eat on the beach in Sabaudia

Founded in the 1930s, Sabaudia boasts a unique architectural style characterized by Fascist Rationalism. Visitors can explore the lungomare, a scenic coastal promenade, or relax on the 15 km stretch of pristine beach, awarded the Blue Flag designation for environmental quality, dotted by magnificent dunes that outline the coastline to the Circeo Promontory. Nature lovers can venture into the nearby Circeo National Park, adding a touch of adventure to their coastal escape. Here are our favorite places to eat in Sabaudia.

This beach establishment will win you over with its super-local seafood menu and a location that’s as romantic as it gets. Appetizers include tuna sliders with squid ink buns and guacamole. Pasta starters include turmeric tagliatelle with squid and roasted peppers, or the delicious orecchiette pasta with anchovies, fennel pollen and toasted breadcrumbs. Main courses shine with crispy octopus served on a pea and mint puree, and sesame-crusted tuna steaks with seasonal vegetable caponata.

In addition to the beautiful panoramic terrace with a breathtaking view of the coastline, there is also a dog enclosure and a play area for children. Traditional Neapolitan seafood dishes are the stars of the menu, as well as a few original dishes such as ravioli with clams, lobster risotto and spaghetti with mussels and cherry tomatoes. Among the main courses, don’t miss the fried fish and roasted octopus.

San Felice Circeo near Rome

Where to eat on the beach in San Felice Circeo

San Felice Circeo offers a captivating fusion of coastal beauty and natural wonder. The town itself boasts a rich history, with remnants visible from its medieval tower to its charming piazzas. Beyond the town limits lies the crown jewel: Parco Nazionale del Circeo, established in 1934. Designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the 1970s, the park protects a diverse ecosystem, from coastal wetlands to rolling hills. Visitors can explore the park’s hiking trails, spot diverse wildlife, or simply soak up the beauty of this protected haven.
The location alone is worth the trip: on the beach in the sleek, minimalist setting, from the dining room to the kitchen. Start the meal with a glass of bubbles and feather-light fish croquettes topped with caramelized onion and mayonnaise, continue with the delightful Paccheri with raw and cooked red shrimp, that usher in mains like Octopus, pumpkin, amaretto crumble and paprika. The beachside restaurant in the San Felice Circeo port is always open for dinner and for lunch on weekends.

Only 100 km from Rome, nestled in the Circeo National Park, the hotel stands on three hectares of botanical gardens that slope gently down to the sea. In addition to the panoramic restaurant, there is a seafront buffet every day at lunchtime that allows guests to enjoy a wide variety of dishes. Guests can also order à la carte directly from their poolside lounger, choosing among specials like Shrimp and avocado flan; Crudo plateau (assorted raw seafood); Pasta with sea bass and pistachios; Tagliolini with red shrimp and squash blossoms, and so much more

Mariolino Pescheria con
This is a fishmonger that serves lunch and dinner in the shop. The ideal place for a more casual, but certainly tasty (and very fresh) seafood experience. Choose the fried calamari served in a paper cone, the mixed grilled fish, the stewed mussels and save room for dessert.

the terrace of Il Granchio in Terracina

Ristorante Il Granchio in Terracina near Rome

Where to eat on the beach in Terracina

Steeped in history with ancient temples and a vibrant harbor, Terracina offers a charming blend of cultural exploration and seaside relaxation. Inevitably, the dining scene is influenced by the wealth of flavors from the Agro Pontino among which are numerous specialties, including mozzarella di bufala, making the offerings varied and not strictly focused on seafood cuisine. Here are our favorite tables in Terracina.

Lido Pesca da
Lively restaurant and fish market serving local seafood, with charming outdoor seating and sea views. Start with a calamari, arugula and cherry tomato salad with a good bottle of chilled white wine. A must is the house eggplant parmigiana with tuna or other catch of the day. Mains span classics like fire grilled prawns and a whole wild-caught John Dory baked in a potato crust. Leave room for dessert.

Ristorante Il
This modern restaurant with a splendid terrace that offers sweeping views of the sea, is the culinary kingdom of power-couple Daniela Onorati and Luca Ciamberlano, who offer creative fish dishes and a wine list featuring approximately 500 wines. The dynamic menu changes daily, according to the day’s catch. The dishes are the result of a meticulous selection of local ingredients of unparalleled quality and freshness. This is one of our favorites!


Where to eat on the beach in Sperlonga

Nestled on a promontory south of Rome, Sperlonga offers a delightful contrast between history and sun-soaked leisure. A maze of charming alleys winds its way up the hill, revealing a medieval heart. Below, pristine beaches and hidden coves beckon, while the famed Grotta di Tiberio whispers tales of Roman emperors. The best places for local fare? Read on.

A stone’s throw from the sea, great menu choices and excellent value for money. Ask for a table on the patio overlooking the beach and order the paccheri pasta with red prawns and the house antipasto platter. The side dishes are also very good with the caponata and the eggplant parmigiana above Mains span calamari au gratin and cod with cherry tomatoes and Gaeta olives. The catch of the day, which is served baked with a tasty side dish of potatoes, is a must.

A restaurant by the sea at the foot of the village on the western shore of the Sperlonga promontory where beach lovers can enjoy the catch of the day in an extremely romantic setting. As the number of tables is limited and the trattoria is very popular in summer, it is advisable to book a little in advance.

The restaurant-pizzeria Blumarine is a lido during the day, while in the evening it transforms into a refined restaurant with sea views. The pizza is Neapolitan-style, and gluten-free or whole-wheat options are available upon request.

gaeta near Rome

Where to eat on the beach in Gaeta

Explore the imposing Gaeta Fortress or wander the charming streets. Beyond the town center, a hidden gem awaits: the famed 300 Gradini beach. Reachable by a long staircase (of 300 steps, hence the name!) this secluded spot boasts pristine waters and golden sand, rewarding the descent with a relaxing paradise. A crossroads of traditions and peoples, Gaeta is a place of unspoiled beauty, also to be discovered through its predominantly seafood cuisine.

This seafront bistro was once a fishermen’s recreational club, today it’s a magnet for seafood lovers. Open 24 hours a day, it operates from breakfast to after dinner with high quality specials. The dishes are deeply rooted in local tradition. The menu features crudo raw seafood, crustacean tartare and risottos, anchovy tartlets, roast octopus, meatballs of local fish served on gazpacho and various pasta courses made to order.

La Tavola dei
In the charming Flavio Gioia naval base, the restaurant offers minimalist and contemporary seafood cuisine. The chef serves dishes that enhance the local catch and Pontine vegetables. Specialities include homemade tonnarelli pasta with shishito peppers and mussels, aglio, olio and raw shrimp, or branzino baked in an almond crust. Don’t miss the cuttlefish ink spaghetti with shrimp tartare, white truffle and amaranth sprouts, or the Creole-style basmati with beluga and double-cooked squid.

Pizzeria del
You cannot visit Gaeta and not taste tiella. As the emblem of the city, like any focaccia or rustic pie, tiella can be filled with a variety of delights. From the classic with octopus, to the one with anchovies, with mussels and zucchini, or even with salt cod. Vegetarian versions such as spinach and Gaeta olives are also available. In addition to tiella, the place sells pizza by the slice and classic rotisserie products.

Exploring the coastal towns north and south of Rome offers a delightful culinary journey. From the historical charm of Santa Marinella to the inviting shores of Anzio, these seaside gems are perfect for food lovers and beachgoers alike. Don’t miss the chance to savor fresh seafood with your feet in the sand, surrounded by stunning views and rich history.
Email us if you’d like us to include any (or all) of these towns on your next travel itinerary!

where to eat on the beach near rome

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