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7 ways to practice self care in Rome

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You know the importance of showing compassion for others, but how often do you give yourself that same level of kindness? Beyond bubble baths, here are some ideas for a little quality “me time” in the Eternal City. Seven ways to practice self care in Rome, Italy.

self care in Rome - barber shop

Make a hairdresser/barber appointment

Ah, the powers of a messa in piega and a clean shave. In Italy, grooming is a big deal. Ladies and gentlemen, respectively, visit the parrucchiere and the barbiere on a weekly basis. Getting a blowout in the Eternal City includes a nice scalp rub with suds, but if the chair has massage functions, also a shiatsu session all in one. For classic and less conventional dos visit one of the many Rome branches of Contesta Rock Hair, our favorite is in Testaccio. You’ll leave the salon with way more than voluminous and glossy hair. 

In the same way, gents can also sit back and relax, as a skilled barber gives their face (and hair) a full treatment. Warm towel facials, shampoo, shaving brush, manicure, lotions and a full American-style shave with straight razor. Genco Sala da Barba in Rome’s historic center is one of our preferred spots.

horseback riding and cycling on the Appian Way

Cycle or horseback along the Appian Way

As one of the earliest and strategically most important Roman roads of the ancient republic, the Appia Antica is a fascinating Roman paved road surrounded by towering pine trees, grassy fields, and ancient ruins. Horseback riding with Cavalieri Appia Antica is organized by professional riders, and geared for beginners and experts alike. Routes and duration can be customized, combining horseback riding, nature and history. You can request to be guided by an archaeology scholar or by a professional photographer who can capture your centaur adventures.
Alternatively, you can book a cycling tour on one of the earliest, and strategically most important Roman roads of the ancient Republic. Ride along the 2,300 year-old cobblestone road past ancient sepulchers, Roman statues and spolia (architectural remains), Christian catacombs and pagan mausoleums. Lastly, cycle past ancient Roman aqueducts and discover the enchantment of the Roman countryside that intrigued 19th century travelers like Byron, Goethe and Stendhal.

yoga suite in rome for self care

Relax, stretch out and find inner-peace with yoga

The best way to align your body, mind, heart and soul is slowing down and taking mindfulness up a notch with a yoga session. Whether you’re a beginner, or looking to continue your yoga practice in Rome, be transported by the soft voice and gentle direction of a yoga instructor, flexing limbs in uncomplicated asanas. Friendly and professional, Yoss at Yoga Suite is the person for you. With two citywide locations, the studio offers guided meditation and a variety of classes. Think Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Chair Yoga Flow, Prenatal Yoga, and Yoga for mom and baby. Finally, live online sessions are also available on Zoom.

self care at the spa in Rome

Unplug in an ancient Roman spa

The term Salus Per Aquam (health by water) is the origin of the acronym we use for a place that offers health and beauty treatments. The 32,000 square foot marble temple of well-being and relaxation A.Roma Wellness Spa––steps away from Rome’s biggest public park, Villa Pamphilj––is precisely inspired by the style of ancient Roman baths. Consequently, body and mind can regenerate in the caldarium sauna and steam rooms, as well as in the Roman impluvium. Plus at the wellness corner buffet you can recharge with herbal teas, aromatic waters, fresh fruit and light nibbles.

rome is for vintage hunters

Hunt for vintage deals at a second hand store or flea market

Retail therapy is self care too. Looking to score that 1980s handbag model you spotted in House of Gucci? Or you absolutely need a new pair of old school Persol sunglasses as worn by George Clooney in The American. Luckily for you, Rome is the city for avid vintage hunters. In particular, the Monti district will satisfy your thirst for timeless classics. One of Rome’s best second hand stores, among many, is Humana Vintage, whose proceeds go directly to aid efforts in underdeveloped countries. This means splurging is guilt free! The stock is updated regularly and there are weekly specials on already reasonably priced treasures and well-preserved vintage designer wear.

In addition, you can also score gems in the city’s flea markets with garage-sale quality, like at Borghetto Flaminio, which sells vintage items, second-hand designer brands and household antiques: all quality products filtered from the usual “junk clutter.” Held every Sunday, requires an entrance fee of a few Euros.

a walk on the beach for proper self care

Take a walk on the beach

Take the train from Piramide station, the ride to Ostia Lido is only 30 minutes. Here you can take a rejuvenating stroll on the beach, whatever the season. Health advocates say that walking barefoot grounds us. At the very least, it reconnects us to nature’s beauty which helps reduce stress as life finds perspective. Walking on a beach in the sand is so pleasant that most of us walk further distances than we normally would on treadmills, paths or city streets. Most importantly walking sulla spiaggia is meant to be relaxing so instead of counting steps, stop and pick up a pretty seashell, admire the kite surfers playing in the waves, and notice the ever-changing colors of the water and the sky. After which you’ll have earned that plate of spaghetti with clams! Train tickets to/from Ostia Lido costs 1,50 euro per journey.

self care: casa mia tours in rome

Book a food & wine tour with one of our food experts

We offer an array of dining, cooking and tasting experiences and bespoke itineraries in Rome. Our focus is bringing food lovers and Italy travelers into contact with local food artisans, family-owned businesses, small producers, established experts and craftspeople in various cities in Italy. Our goal is supporting the local economy and small businesses. We like to treat visitors to Italy––both first-timers and seasoned Italia lovers––like friends and family. Our offer is unique, deeply personal and tailor-made travel experiences hosted in trusted venues and relaxed, home environments. We believe in making and eating good food, in relaxed conversation, in learning and laughing. Tutta salute, as we say in Italian.

We hope you set aside time to be mindful anywhere you are. Would you like to get self care tips for other Italian destinations?

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