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Food to get you in the mood: Italian aphrodisiacs

Named after the goddess of love Aphrodite, aphrodisiacs were identified by early civilizations and cultures, which associated potency and virility with power and prosperity. In modern culture we are still fascinated by aphrodisiacs. Science has not proven the link between rumored romance remedies and increased sexual performance, but aphrodisiacs are however still to this day consumed to grow potency, libido or pleasure.

italian aphrodisiac foods

For this reason, humans have sought the most inane solutions. Preoccupation with bedroom performance has of late led to the extinction of the northern white rhino, whose horn, reduced to a fine powder, is sadly believed to be a potent aphrodisiac. Other nonsense includes consuming animal testicles and turtles’ eggs. There is no evidence that an actual aphrodisiac response occurs with any of these substances, yet the massacre continues.

Instead of decimating endangered species, the best way to heighten a romantic experience is simply to browse the shelves of the pantry. Although not proven scientifically, some enzymes and vitamins contained in everyday foods do lend varying stimulant effects.

Italians like to think of themselves as fantastic lovers, ascribing their sexual prowess to their mamma’s cooking. If you agree, here’s an alphabetical index of Italian aphrodisiac ingredients to include in your next date night menu.

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