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August Arm Chair Travel

By July 14, 2021No Comments
2018 travel goals: Rome

Have you started looking at flights yet? We know you have! Inquiries have been coming into Casa Mia daily and it feels so good to be back. We are NOT abandoning our online presence. We repeat, we are NOT abandoning our online presence. We could not do that to you, our beloved community. We could not do that to us either! However, we love our in-person tours as well. So here we are…a compromise of sorts for the time being. Allow us to present to you our August Arm Chair Travel. Real time, live streaming, tours of Italy.

Have you already been to these cities? It’s time to return. You want to go back. If you never have been, this is your opportunity to get a taste! Our guides live and breathe their cities. They know what the locals know, because they are true locals. So brew up a pot of coffee, or uncork a bottle of Prosecco – there is no judgement here. Whatever you choose, take a break from the sun and do a bit of arm chair travel. Andiamo!

Florence – August 5th 11:00 am EST

Ponte Vecchio Florence

Strolling Florence:  Birthplace of the Renaissance Benvenuti a Firenze, the capital city of Tuscany and home of the Renaissance. Florence, located in central Italy, is full of intriguing history, culture, and culinary delights which is a must visit when in Italy. However, until then, a bit of armchair travel? Join your personal guide, Linda, as we stroll our way through this stunning city, stopping at its iconic landmarks such as the Duomo, the Uffizi Gallery, and of course the Ponte Vecchio. We will discuss the natural landscape and impressive architecture, hear stories of the noble families, and devour Tuscan culture through the eyes of a local who knows it best.  

Linda is a dual citizen of Australia and Italy. After university in Australia, Linda moved to London to pursue a career in the fashion industry. However, she had her eyes on Italy and after 5 years, moved to Florence to study Italian. In Italy, she finally felt at home and fell in love with the Italian Lifestyle. As a tour leader, chauffeur driver and culinary guide, Linda has shared her deep love and appreciation of Italian culture to thousands of clients throughout the world. 

Thursday, August 5th @ 11 am est Click here to sign up!

Benvenuti a Parma – August 26th 12:00 pm EST

Welcome to one of Italy’s most overlooked regions. Emilia-Romagna, located in northern Italy, it spans from the Apennine Mountains to the Po River and is home to a vast array of historical, cultural, and gastronomical experiences that are a must for anyone visiting Italy. At its heart is the city of Parma. Join Alice, lifelong resident of Parma and local expert tour guide, as she introduces you to her beloved home through a variety of lenses including art, architecture, geography, education, history, food, wine and regional traditions.  

Alice (pronounced ah-LEE-chay) was born, and currently resides, in Parma, Italy. Although a small city, Alice chooses to live there as Parma continues to captivate her. She fully believes life should be lived with passion and smiles as we seek to realize our dreams. Her passion is food, and her dream, which she lives out daily, is to share this passion. She does so with grace, humor, and adoration of her roots.

Friday, August 26th @ 12 pm est Click here to sign up!

Before you know it, summer will pass us by. Please check out our full list of experiences here. When you are fully ready to cross Atlantic and visit us in Italy, know we are ready for you. Ci vediamo presto!

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