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Gelato: Summer’s must have treat

By August 11, 2022No Comments
Just gelato tour - picture of a gelato cone with two scoops of ice cream on it

As the heatwave continues to blaze its way through the summer of 2022, it seems only right to stop and give thanks to one saving grace in the heat: gelato. Gelato, a beacon of hope which continually provides a cool respite from these high temperatures. Cold, creamy, and refreshing, gelato is a must have especially in the summer months, but should be considered a year round treat. There is no need to neglect your taste buds in the winter. 

homemade gelato

When I lived in Rome, gelato was an almost daily occurrence. When walking 20,000-25,000 steps a day, daily gelato is allowed. There were – are – so many amazing options in which to partake. Although I attempted to spread the love, there were undoubtedly a few of my favorite gelaterie that I’d like to share with you. Thinking about these places brings me back some of my most treasured memories. Living in Rome, albeit too short, was one of the greatest joys of my life. Gelato only enhanced the sweetness of this experience.  

gelato summer

Please know the next time you find yourself in Rome, our Just Gelato tour is a delicious way to acquaint yourself with this national treasure. Want to read previous Casa Mia blogs on Gelato? Click here.

Fiordiluna – This was the first place I had gelato in Rome. Myself and three colleagues were wandering our way around the streets of Trastevere, getting lost, and just breathing in as much as we possible could. I don’t remember whose idea it was, but it was one of the best ideas I remember ever hearing. We stopped and grabbed ourselves an amazing treat. It was hard not to buy a second one that day. However, this gelateria, undoubtedly, received a lot of love from me over the course of my stay in Rome. Recommended flavor: chocolate AND coconut

Gelateria del Viale – This Gelateria in Trastevere is very easy to miss as it is located amidst a high traffic area with busses, trains, cars, and bikes wizzing through constantly. In fact, I noticed this place when I failed to catch my bus! Tired, discouraged, and slightly hungry, I looked up from my pity party and saw Gelateria del Viale and thought to myself, you so deserve this right now. I was right, too! Delicious. There are many amazing flavors from which to choose, it is very clean, and the staff is extremely nice. When one bus door closes, a Gelateria door opens. It was meant to be! Recommended flavor: Fior di Latte

Otaleg – My latest favorite Gelato stop thus far in my travels to Rome is Otaleg. I didn’t visit Otaleg until a return visit to Rome, not when I was living there. My trusted colleagues, Gina and Eleonora, took me there after a day long photo shoot for our new website. It was brutally hard work that day working as models, but somehow we managed. However, the gelato was even more deserved that day. Otaleg was not in an area I knew well and unless I use my GPS, I may not be able to find it when I return. But you better believe the location is saved in my phone so I won’t encounter this problem. Thanks to Gina and Eleonora for adding to my list of deliciousness. Recommended flavor: White chocolate, mango, coconut

There is endless opportunity to sample gelato in Rome. These three are relatively close to each other as they are close to where I lived. This means I neglected the rest of the neighborhoods in this great city. For now, at least. When I return, I promise on my gelato, that I will seek out different areas to consume gelato. For now, I urge you to enjoy these three on your next Roman travels!

gelato, summer's must have treat

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