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Pandalì, gluten-free goodness in Rome

By August 17, 2015September 18th, 2022No Comments

Gluten is wheat’s main protein and can also be found in rye and barley. The protein is not only in bread and pasta but also in beer and numerous processed foods, making your list of gluten-free options very slim. Gluten has been found to cause a variety of symptoms including joint pain, allergies, headaches, intestinal distress, and the list continues.

For those with celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder, the body goes haywire and actually attacks itself. Some people have more extreme cases than others. The only remedy is to follow a completely gluten-free diet. A few years ago it was nearly impossible to find gluten-free products but now there is a much greater presence. Whether your reasoning is health-related or you prefer gluten-free food, it’s reassuring to know that you have options.

Pandalì gluten-free bakery in Rome

Pandalì, an all gluten-free shop, is located in the Rome city center on Via di Torre Argentina. Less than a year since the grand opening, in December 2014, Pandalì offers a variety of products, all gluten-free. The shop was opened by 4 women, one of whom is gluten-intolerant.

Besides freshly baked gluten-free bread every day, there is a wide selection of sweets including muffins, crostatinas, biscotteria farcita (stuffed cookies and biscuits), Torta Della Nonna (custard and pine nut pies), Cuore Crema e Fragole, and more. Pizzas, salads and sandwiches are offered for a quick lunch, with take-out options as well.

gluten-free crostatas at Pandalì in Rome

Pandalì is great for those looking to try traditional Roman snacks such as supplì since they offer a gluten free versions. In addition the freshly baked goods, there is a selection of gluten-free bread and cake mixes, olive oils, olives, honeys and jams.

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