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Roscioli Italian Wine Club and Casa Mia

By November 5, 2021No Comments

The name Roscioli elicits a Pavolovian response in most people. The mere thought of their establishments sends one’s palate into sheer excitement. Whether it is their pizza, mortadella, mozzarella di bufala, or hand-crafted pasta (and so much more), Roscioli has the market on flavor in Rome. This sentiment is held by not only tourists, but locals as well. If you have not been, please do yourself a favor and go as soon as possible.

Roscioli's carbonara is world-known

Roscioli, our friends

We at Casa Mia have greatly savored our relationship with this iconic Roman name. In fact if you search our collection of blogs, you will find a great deal on Roscioli (or simply click here). There is no lack of material here. We have enjoyed building a strong relationship with them over the years as patrons, collaborators, and friends. However, this may be our most exciting news to share with you yet. Let us introduce to you the Roscioli Italian Wine Club.

Roscioli Italian wine club and Casa Mia

The Italian Wine Club

Roscioli is bringing its impressive wine collection to you and yours with free shipping to the US and EU (and shipping options for most other countries). This wine club was created to provide to people across the world access to an unprecedented network of Italian wine makers, whose passion is expressed in each bottle produced.

There are four different tiers to choose from depending upon your personal approach to wine which will be shipped twice a year (12 bottles each shipment) broken down into 4 easy payments.

Roscioli Italian wine club and Casa Mia

The perks

Aside from knowing that your wines are selected from an authentic, trusted, source, there are many perks for joining the Roscioli Italian Wine Club. First, the website is beautiful and easy to maneuver through. There are no hidden fees or contracts. More importantly, you will have exclusive media content from the wine producers, tasting notes, free online wine experiences, and pairing ideas to name a few. Furthermore, as a subscribed member, you will receive access to a FREE Wine & Food Tasting Dinner at Rimessa Roscioli when you do visit Rome. Don’t forget to book an experience with Casa Mia at that time too!

The cellar in Rimessa Roscioli

Our investment

One central focus at Casa Mia is to communicate to our friends (YOU!) authentic Italian culture and flavor. Therefore we are beyond excited to offer this exclusive deal to you. When you sign up for your Roscioli Italian Wine Club subscription, use the code CASAMIA upon check out to receive 25 Euro (about $30) off of your first payment. We fully believe and support what the Roscioli team has put together. In fact, we are members ourselves!

Looking forward

As you know, we have been offering online interactive cooking classes and wine and cheese tastings. We are very excited to partner with Roscioli for future wine tastings so that we can all drink the exact same wines, from the exact same producers, from the same vintage chosen by the experts at Roscioli. Who knows, they may even join us on a future tasting!

Roscioli Italian wine club

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