Fresh update coming to you from the latest edition of Taste, an exciting fair dedicated to excellence in taste and food lifestyle, which was held in Florence over the weekend through Monday March 14th. This is a veritable full immersion in the flavors of Italian culinary tradition.

Taste of Florence 2016 ·

The aromas wafting in the venue and flavors tasted don’t only satisfy the palate but the eyes get their fair share of beauty, with products hailing from farms and other local producers all concurring to create a beautiful setting and an explosion of color.

Touring the stands allows me to admire the products, and gives me the chance to converse with the exhibitors, hearing about the traditions and procedures employed to create their products.

Taste of Florence 2016 ·

Fair trade chocolate, biscotti, pastries, candied fruit and much more for those with a sweet tooth… and instead for savory lovers, it’s a jubilation of fine cured meats, cheeses, patés and homestyle sauces, thanks to recipes handed down for generations.

Taste of Florence 2016 ·

These fairs is where the public benefits from first hand advice. My suggestion to Italy travelers is to attend such fairs and get to meet the producers and farmers, and purchase as many Italian products as possible. This helps travelers and Italy lovers get a feel for the lesser known products that don’t have an international distribution, as well as shine a light on micro areas with strong tourism potential. This year’s event focuses its interest, for example, on spotlighting old, forgotten recipes with a modern twist.

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