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February #whatscooking online classes

By February 3, 2021No Comments

Welcome to February! New month, new year, new lessons! Our February #whatscooking schedule of interactive cooking lessons and wine tastings is brought to you from our homes to yours!

We Casa Mia team (Gina, Eleonora and Carolyn) are once again offering a multitude of one-plate simple interactive lessons in February as a way to bring the universal us together during this time of social distancing, in the new year.

Lessons are geared toward home cooks like us and are open to all. Check out our February cooking classes below. And most importantly, remember to sign up before classes fill up!

valentine's cheeseboard tutorial in February

Saturday, February 6 – Valentine’s Cheese board Tutorial

Valentine’s day is around the corner and already we’re growing tired of heart-shaped cookies slathered with red buttercream. I say let’s drum up something sexy and savory instead! What’s more sexy-delicious than a cheese board to get us in the mood? Whether we’re in a couple or not, let’s assemble those soft-ripened delights, triple crème tantalizers, oozy bloomy rinds and sweet hunks of Alpine goodness, then lock the door. Turn off all the lights, light the candles, and enjoy.
Start time: 4:00 pm EST
Duration: 90 minutes
Instructor: Eleonora
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cannelloni in February

Sunday, February 7 – Fresh pasta: Cannelloni Spinach & Ricotta

On the menu today are fresh spinach and cheese filled cannelloni. Food historians argue that the first cannelloni pasta dates back to the early 19th century, when a Neapolitan cook made pasta filled with ground meat and cooked it in tomato sauce. Others maintain that the first cannelloni appeared in Amalfi. Regardless of its origin, it is an Italian favorite, luxurious and reserved for special occasions. In our cooking lesson today, we’ll prepare fresh cannelloni from scratch.
Start time: 12:00 pm EST
Duration: 90 – 120 minutes
Instructor: Gina
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Thursday, January 11 – Italian dolce: Cannoli

Simple ingredients combine to create pure decadence. Silky pastry dough fried to perfection and then filled with a sweet, creamy filling. There are many variations of this Sicilician sweet which we will discuss while learning how to create these “little tubes” of love! Makes for a lovely Valentine’s gift for all!
Start time: 5:00 pm EST
Duration: 90 minutes
Instructor: Carolyn
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winter wines in february

Saturday, February 20 – Wine & Cheese Tasting: Winter Wines

The focus of our February pairing lesson is wines for winter in the northern hemisphere. We will taste 3 wines paired with 3 cheeses made in different styles for a delightful sensory experience. We will suggest grape varieties that work well in the colder months, and that pair the best with seasonal foods. Pairing lessons are taught in tandem by Eleonora, our resident cheese expert, and Gina, our natural wine lover. Finally both will share some of their Italian wine and cheese adventures.
Start time: 3:00 pm EST
Duration 90 minutes
Instructors: Eleonora and Gina
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pappardelle in february

Monday, February 22 – Fresh pasta: Pappardelle alla Bolognese

Fresh, handmade, silky ribbon noodles compliment this traditional meat sauce hailing from Bologna, Italy. A perfect bite in the making, this dish is ideal for a chilly, winter night. As the aromas engulf your kitchen, open up a bottle of your favorite red wine and cozy up with this hearty meal.
Start time: 5:00 pm EST
Duration 90 minutes
Instructor: Carolyn
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February #whatscooking classes

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