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Happy New Cocktail!

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The iconic Hotel Eden reopened this year after a 17-month renovation. Overseen by General Manager Luca Virgilio, the extensive and thoughtful update reduced the number of rooms from 121 to 98, increasing the spaciousness of all the rooms and the number of suites.

I’ve had a chance to see several of the rooms/suites in person. They are lovely but I’m a local so I don’t normally stay in hotels in Rome. One thing I will be doing often is going to the Il Giardino Bar & Restaurant.

I have a thing about cocktails. The Eden’s rooftop space is a knockout. Views for days and the cocktails are outstanding. A favorite among my friends is the La Grande Bellezza created by barman Gabriele Rizzi. I’m a big fan of his Hugo.

Happy New Cocktail - Hotel Eden, Rome

The Hotel Eden is a member of the Dorchester Collection. Each hotel has its own signature cocktail. The Eden’s signature is called The Aperitivo.

Happy New Cocktail - Hotel Eden, Rome

I had to investigate when I heard that the Eden had created a special cocktail to ring in the New Year.

Happy New Cocktail - Hotel Eden, Rome

Photo credit: Ming Tang Evans

The ingredients are: Hennessy Cognac, Italicus Rosolio of Begamotto, raspberry, Champagne, and gold. While the drink sounded fantastic, I have to be honest. I don’t drink cognac. I know this is shocking and hope my black pass is not revoked. I understood that I had to get over this hurdle and try it. For research.

I’m happy to report that this wonderful cocktail called Golden Future Year, was so delicious it made me even more hopeful for 2018. The cognac was subtle, graceful, and warm. I could picture myself drinking the Golden Future Year in front of a fireplace after a long day of skiing (despite the fact that I don’t ski).

I asked barman Stefano Briganti was the inspiration for the cocktail. He said they immediately thought of Champagne. “You need some bubbles for the New Year.” I agree. Bubbles are festive and this drink has a nice international flair to it.

Added to the Champagne and cognac were ingredients indigenous to Italy, the Italicus Rosolio. The raspberry syrup is made in-house.

Happy New Cocktail - Hotel Eden, Rome

Happy New Cocktail - Hotel Eden, Rome

The Golden Future Year will be on the menu for a few months. The special cocktails at the Eden are seasonal. Stefano said the feedback of their guests is very important and sometimes they keep cocktails on the menu longer due to popular demand. In April the Eden’s bar team will start dreaming up their cocktails for spring and summer. I look forward to seeing what they come up with.

Here’s to a Very Happy New Year and a Golden Future.

Photos courtesy of Ming Tang Evans & Arlene Gibbs

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