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The Herb Garden: Mentuccia

By July 28, 2017November 27th, 20224 Comments

Welcome back to the Casa Mia series “The Herb Garden”. Today we introduce the herb mentuccia, or Calamintha nepeta –– a perennial herb of the mint family.

The Herb Garden: Mentuccia

Culinary use

One of the most central herbs to Roman cooking is mentuccia, also sometimes called mentuccia romana. This is a specific type of mint, commonly known as lesser calamint, with small, tender leaves and a delicate flavor of mint mixed with oregano. It is most famous for its use in Carciofi alla Romana – Roman style artichokes. In this quintessential Roman dish, the fresh, bright flavor of mentuccia is indispensable. Some recipes for trippa alla romana call for it, but most use the more pungent menta (regular mint).

The Herb Garden: Mentuccia

This herb grows wild around the Mediterranean, cropping up in parks and fields as well as cracks in the sidewalks or cobblestones usually in the Summer, and through the Fall. It is also used in Sicilian, Calabrian, Campanian, Sardinian, and even Tuscan food. It is also called nepitella and poleggio.

The Herb Garden: Mentuccia

Medicinal use

If Italians aren’t talking about food, they’re probably talking about digestion, and this particular herb is said to have very good digestive properties. It is also said to have “exciting” properties. A good way to reap the benefits of mentuccia is to steep the leaves in some hot water and drink it like a tea.


  • Julienne Sirico says:

    Hi Julia. I work with your cousin Mark in NJ. He’s told me a lot about you since I love to cook and love traveling to Italy. I am taking a market up table cooking class next month in Florence. Last year I experience Sicily and their almond wine and cannol
    There is a plant that my grandfather used to make salad. I’ll try to find the name of it. Someone posted it on Facebook in Italian so I was stumped.
    I enjoyed your post never thought to use mint in my artichokes. I’ll be retiring the end of the month so I’ll have lots of time to try new recipes. Thanks Julia

  • Phil DiCesare says:

    Can I have an order delivered to Byron Center Michigan , United Stares

    • Eleonora Baldwin says:

      Hello Phil,
      thank you for your comment. We are a blog not a commercial operation. You can ask your local nursery for seeds or saplings, potting dirt and other products for your gardening needs.

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