UNESCO World Heritage Sites, where to dine nearby

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Italy is the country that holds the record of most UNESCO World Heritage Sites with 53 in this year’s list. Followed closely by China, if we compare territorial extension, the ratio is staggering. The sites and more including other historical monuments, art and natural areas of jaw-dropping beauty make Italy an unrivaled travel destination.

And where there there’s travel, there’s most always the desire to taste local cuisine and explore the area’s representative specialties.

Eating near Italian UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Lombardy is the largest Italian region and the one with the highest density of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With a whopping 10 – and almost as many subdivisions – it was mandatory to begin our exploration of dining destinations here, with dining destinations located near the most ancient sites.

Eating near Italian UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Eating near Italian UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The rock carvings in the Valle Camonica, near Brescia and the stilt dwellings in the Lake Garda area are places of immense cultural worth and with a rich food culture. They are among the most ancient prehistoric remains in Italy, and some of the earliest sites in Italy protected by UNESCO.

Eating near Italian UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Here is a list of places in close proximity to these sites in the Brescia province of Lombardy that are worthy of a visit. And a meal.

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