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La Scampagnata or How Italians Picnic

By August 26, 2016No Comments

There’s an Italian expression that does a good job at capturing the typical day trip out of town: gita fuori porta. Literally, an excursion out of doors, leaving city gates behind. The foods consumed during these agrarian excursions define a precise cultural tradition. The gita fuori porta is also commonly known as a scampagnata.

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Packing a picnic for a scampagnata – the word ‘campagna’ means country – takes the day trip concept even further adding all sorts of bucolic innuendos. Rural meals trigger incredible creativity in the Italian picnic hamper. Think slices of cured meats and cheeses folded in crusty homestyle bread; whole scooped out watermelons that become punch bowls for sangria; finger food taken to celestial levels. Plus ice packs that keep the wine and beer cold. Afterall, any Italian will confess the whole reason for getting out of dodge is indulging in the movable feast.

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