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Luggage Storage solutions in Rome

By February 11, 2020February 7th, 2022One Comment

I recently spent my last ten hours in Manhattan walking. That’s the amount of time I had between airbnb check-out and flight check-in at the airport. My son and I migrated from one coffee shop to the next in search of wi-fi and refreshments, and got to spend the last few hours seeing new parts of the city we were unfamiliar with. 
The problem was the luggage. 

Despite the airline’s strict 10kg limit on hand luggage (I have stopped checking bags since 2010, thank you Charles De Gaulle airport) dragging our trollies everywhere on that last day in the Big Apple was not easy. We could have done a lot more had we not had luggage with us. Had I known about all the smart luggage storage solutions, I would have had a much easier time. Storing our bags during those ten hours would have been the best way to make the most of our time, sans FOMO.

So I imagined all those travelers that, like me, may have the need to have their luggage safely kept somewhere while they take a vespa food tour, or during a walking tour of the Vatican Museums, where security requires visitors to leave all bulky luggage at the entrance, forcing visitors to walk back 25 minutes to retrieve it after the tour ends on the opposite side of the independent State.

luggage storage in Rome

Here’s a list of places and services where travelers can stow away luggage for a few hours (or for entire days) while they enjoy their time in the Eternal City.

Traditional storage centers

This is the easiest and most common solution: all you do is walk up to the storage facility, drop off your bags, and pay a fixed rate per locker or piece of luggage.

These facilities are becoming less-used in the wake of companies that offer on-demand service that are becoming more popular (see below). However, locker centers tend to be better long-term storage options.

Stow Your Bags has storage lockers available for a per-locker fee with facilities near Rome Termini, Spanish Steps, Navona/Campo de’ Fiori, and the Vatican Museums. The cost is €1.99 per locker.
Bonus points: Video surveillance at all locations.

Lock & Stock has two storage facilities, one in Trastevere and one in Borgo Pio, near the Vatican. They operate 7 days a week between 6:00 am and midnight with 24/7 video surveillance. The cost depends on the size of the locker and changes by location. Bonus points: Free Wi-Fi.

Luggage storage at the Airport

The “left luggage” storage room at Fiumicino-Leonardo da Vinci International Airport is located on street level at Terminal 3 International Arrivals, and operates every day from 6:30 am to 11:30 pm. The cost is €6 per bag for 24 hours, even if you only need to store your bags for a few hours. 

Luggage storage at the Termini Train Station

The Kipoint storage facility at the platform floor on the Via Giolitti side of the Rome Termini train station operates from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm.
The price is €6 flat for the first 5 hours, then €1 per hour from the 6th to the 12th hour, and €0,50 for every additional hour after 12 hours. The maximum storage time for luggage deposit is 5 days. Note: There’s a weight limit of 20 Kg per item, but it’s hardly ever enforced. 

luggage storage around town

On-demand luggage storage services

Keeping luggage at the airport and the station is fine, but what if you only need to store your bags for a few hours while you roam the cobbled streets in between sightseeing, like I did in New York? Instead of relying on lockers in far away places like the airport or the train station, travelers can now drop off bags at a wide range of shops and restaurants within the city. These services operate like any other on-demand shared economy platform.

BagBnB in Rome offers storage locations (called Angels) in restaurants or bars, hotels, or laundromats. The cost is €5 per bag for 24 hours, even if you only need to store your bags for a few hours. Reservations are made online and are non-refundable, the price includes insurance with coverage up to €200 for each piece of luggage. 

Nannybag has dozens of convenient locations (called Nannies) around Rome. To guarantee that everything runs smoothly, a security seal is placed on each luggage to identify it, thanks to a unique security number. The storage rooms are exclusive for Nannybag storage and are locked at all times. They accept all types of luggage without any limits of size or weight. The price is €6 per item for the first 24 hours, then €4 per bag for each additional day. Each bag is covered by generous insurance of €1,500 per item, included in the reservation price.
Bonus points: Free cancellation.

Book online with Stasher, and drop your bags off at the closest staffed location near you (called StashPoint). Now you’re free to explore Rome. This company relies on a network of hundreds of local businesses and hotels where you can easily and affordably drop off and store your bags. Perks include storage locations within walking distance of all main tourist attractions and transport hubs; insurance of up to €1,000 on every booking; drop off and pick up take less than 3 minutes. The cost is €6 per day, and €5 for any additional day.
Bonus points: Open late, some even operate 24/7.

Vertoe is an on-demand short term storage service provider also available as iOS App. It’s currently active in 14 verified storage locations near major landmarks like the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and Piazza Navona. Considering safety as a prime objective, each bag is secured with a uniquely coded tamper-proof seal. The cost is $5.95 per day, per bag.
Bonus points: $5,000 insurance coverage.

luggage storage in Rome

Luggage delivery

Porter and luggage delivery services have become a thing––they’re helpful if you don’t want to worry about your bags at all.

Bags Free will pick up your luggage from your door and check it in at the airport, train station or port; or bring it to your accommodation from the airport, train station platform, or your cruise ship at the Civitavecchia port. This is particularly helpful if you have a long layover and want to avoid the hassle/logistics of having your bags with you. They also offer luggage shipping worldwide. Costs start at €6 per item. Bonus points: Luggage transportation for Francigena pilgrims from Lucca or Assisi to Rome.

Did we miss any? Tell us about your favorite luggage storage solutions in Rome.

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