Pizza di patate is a typical Roman snack

One of the joys of travelling in Italy are the gastronomic surprises regularly encountered. Be it grand cuisine or simple street food, ample wonders await.

The first time I saw pizza di patate was on a trip to Rome. I had just arrived and was slightly under the weather from jet lag: I needed a quick snack. I had the help of a knowledgeable local so we strolled over to a neighborhood spot that sells pizza by the slice called a pizza a taglio. Among the slices of margherita and funghi, I noticed a lovely, white-ish golden topping that looked like onions. I love onions but they are not fond of me and are particularly mean-spirited during jet lag. “Cipolle?” I asked. To my surprise, the man answered, “No, patate.” Potatoes on pizza? Of course I had to try it.

On this particular slice the potatoes were grated. I have since enjoyed it with thin circular slices, rosemary and just the perfect amount of olive oil. I don’t know the origins of potato pizza but I have heard murmurs of a Roman heritage.

Along with an Italian beer – my favorites are Peroni or Moretti – I find it a terrific snack to help me get over my jet-lag. Sometimes the most basic food quenches your hunger needs. And, even though it’s a carb booster it tastes great and does the trick.



Photo © Eleonora Baldwin