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Private Classes with Casa Mia: Book now!

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Since March, Casa Mia has run online interactive cooking classes and wine and cheese tastings via ZOOM. This has given us the opportunity to continue bringing Italian cuisine and culture to hundreds of individuals worldwide, even in the midst of a pandemic. Our classes have allowed people to learn, grow, and share with strangers who they now know by name. To be honest, they have also brought much joy to us three, Gina, Eleonora, and Carolyn, during a tumultuous year. So we thank you! Our motto is food is love and when we cook together, that love only spreads exponentially.  

#whatscooking online classes

The beginning…

Over the summer we hosted our first private online class to celebrate a 60th birthday. For two hours, this group of 12 enjoyed a wine and cheese tasting specifically curated and hosted by Gina and Eleonora. During this class, the family was virtually transported to Sicily, as were their palates. The experience was emotional not only for the family who had not been with one another due to Covid-19, but for Casa Mia as well. It was truly heartwarming, to say the least.  

private classes

The continual evolution…

So here we are in January 2021 booking multiple private classes weekly. Over the past two months alone, we have hosted almost 30 private classes focused on celebrating the holidays, birthdays, and simply just friends being friends. The age range has crossed decades as this experience is not simply for one-age category. Grandparents seeing the faces of their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, still brings a tear to our eyes. We are beyond blessed to be able to create these experiences for you all.  

What is the typical class like?

The average private class size is typically 6 devices and 12 people, however we have classes smaller and larger. There have been classes where everyone is in the same kitchen or multiple people in their own kitchens on their own devices. We are open to private classes of all configurations and will work with you to plan your class accordingly.  Most have been either a one-course meal or a wine and cheese tasting of 3 wines and 3 cheeses. Yet there are opportunities to create a longer class of 2 or 3 courses. Lastly, many of our clients have taken advantage of our aprons as a party gift for their friends and family.  

private classes

How do I book?

How do you actually go about booking? Simply contact us at to request a private class. We will promptly respond asking a few questions regarding number of participants, number of devices, type of class, potential dates, and payment format. If you need assistance with what to cook, we can send you our course catalog along with sample menus. From there, depending upon availability of instructors, Gina, Eleonora, or Carolyn will follow up with you to assist in curating this private experience. Where possible, we are happy to alter recipes as needed due to dietary aversions or restrictions.

private cooking classes with casa mia tours

Why do we love private classes?

The private cooking class have truly ignited our spirit and warmed our hearts. The ladies of Casa Mia have enjoyed them almost as much as the participants did. Let us share with you some of our thoughts regarding these experiences.  

In Gina’s words:

Private lessons are personally rewarding. They have given me the chance to get to know each person like I do when touring in person and customize the lesson to request. But more importantly, I have had the pleasure to help shorten the distance between families and friends who haven’t been able to see each other in person for nearly a year.

Gina teaching a cooking class

In Eleonora’s words:

“I recently had the privilege of hosting a private cooking class with an astounding group of women during Hanukkah, teaching them about Roman-Jewish antipasti. We cooked, learned, laughed and created an important bond. At the end of the lesson, the women lit their candles and sang. It was a moment of emotional togetherness that spanned beyond the continents, beyond religious belief and beyond language. It’s a moment I will never forget.”

Eleonora teaching a private cooking class

In Carolyn’s words:

I had the honor of hosting a private cooking class with a family ranging in age from 2 to 94, hailing from 3 different states. It was beautiful to watch their joyous interactions, infectious laughter, and true love for one another.  Private classes give people the opportunity to create a meaningful experience from afar with their loved ones, whether separated by Covid, or simply geography. 

Carolyn teaching a #whatscooking class

Enough about what we think…

We know our words are a bit biased.  But don’t just take it from us. Read on to hear from those who have booked a private class with us.

“I can’t recommend a Casa Mia Private Class enough! My husband and I booked one with Carolyn as a holiday gift for our parents and siblings. It was the perfect way to celebrate and ‘spend some time together’ when we couldn’t gather physically. Carolyn worked with us to create a custom menu that fit our dietary restrictions and tastes perfectly. It was so fun to cook and eat together from 6 different states! Will definitely be booking with casa Mia again for a fun girls night, family gathering, or a unique company experience.”
–– Theresa C.

“We signed up for a private Casa Mia cheese and wine tasting on the occasion of my mother in law’s birthday. We heard about Casa Mia through a colleague who had done cooking classes with them and had loved the experience. The event was for a party of ten.  Gina and Eleonora were exceptional. They were knowledgeable, charismatic and made the event feel like a family gathering filled with stories and great laughs. We were so taken by the experience that we began to take cooking classes with Casa Mia. Every class feels like cooking in my kitchen with a group of friends.”
–– Tanya P.

“Gina, Eleonora, and Carolyn are amazing! The virtual wine and cheese tastings and virtual cooking shows are interactive and so informative. Great for families and friends to connect for private Zoom get-togethers across the country and internationally. As a business owner, I was unable to host an in person holiday party.  Casa Mia was able to create an experience for my team catering to dietary needs as necessary.  Eleonora was patient, kind, and a wonderful teacher.  It was so much fun! And when travel resumes I know these incredible women will help my family plan a one of a kind tour of Italy. Their local connections with Italian families, businesses, restaurants and vineyards offer a unique and unforgettable experience.”
–– Joe W.

casa mia team

Although we look forward to welcoming back in-person tours hopefully in the near future, our online experiences have proven to be a very important part of Casa Mia.  Resolve to make 2021, the year you cook with Casa Mia!

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