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Summer memories and supplì

By July 11, 2017No Comments

My strongest sensorial childhood memory of summer is linked to supplì.

eating supplì in Rome

Pool water dripping from my hair, bloodshot eyes from prolonged soaking in chlorinated water, a towel over my tanned shoulders and the aroma of frying rice croquettes wafting from the stabilimento kitchen. This was the prelude to my most cherished moment: the midday snack after a morning of water handstands and swimming.

Italian beaches can be either public, or accessible via a stabilimento balneare, or private beach resort. Here beach-goers can lounge by the pool or rent deckchairs, sunbeds and beach umbrellas on the shore. At my summertime stabilimento, we would also rent a cabana for the whole summer. My fondest memories of summer have me sitting on the warm sand in front of cabana number 181, slowly munching on a hot supplì.

The crisp, breaded outside of the rice croquette concealed gooey, melty mouthfuls of creamy risotto dressed with ragù and ribbony mozzarella. I’ve had many, many supplì in my life, but none ever topped the ones I ate in summer, post-pool.

eating supplì in Rome

Supplì in Rome are usually enjoyed as a starter in pizzerias. But only a few really good ones are made according to the original recipe. In my frenzied chase for that old childhood memory, I’m still looking for the perfect supplì. Here are a few places whose goods come close to the childhood standard.

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