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Travel goals 2018: Rome

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In case Rome is not in your list of 2018 travel goals, you should probably think again. Rome can be visited any time of year. If you’re not bound by school/work calendars, consider traveling to Rome out of season. Less crowds, more affordable rates and milder climate are just a few of the plusses of traveling off-season.

travel rome 2018

If this is not reason enough to jump on a plane to Rome, here are a few more points to sustain traveling here this year:

Intercontinental flights from the US to Italy are the cheapest they’ve ever been.

The weather, period. While the Eastern United States are suffering through the cyclone blizzard, we’re enjoying 17° weather. In January.

travel rome 2018
Rome is family-friendly, kids are treated like royalty.

The food, duh. Browse our top 10 Rome neighborhoods for food & drink.

Ever wonder where the term ‘romantic’ stems from? The word originates from the Latin word romant, which means ‘in the Roman manner’. Rome is one of the world’s most romantic destinations. Looking for a place to propose? Start at Rome’s most romantic restaurants

Aroma at Palazzo Manfredi romantic restaurant in Rome

Gorgeous destinations like Naples, Bologna, Abruzzo and Florence can be visited for the day from Rome, with train rides under 3 hours.

If you need more reasons to travel to Rome in 2018, here’s one more minute of inspiration.

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