Acceddu cu l’ova, Sicilian Easter Biscotti

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Today is Good Friday, the last Friday of the lenten fast. Eleonora and I were in Sicily last week where all fasting came to a halt. We filled ourselves with Easter specialities. While colomba may be Italy’s best known Easter dessert, acceddu cu l’ova won my heart in Siracusa. If you are a biscotti lover like me, you’ll love this Easter treat that is made with a simple cookie dough embellished with whole eggs and colorful sugar sprinkles. Acceddu cu l’ova is not super sweet and it is perfect for dunking in coffee.
acceddu cu l'ovaEaster foods are rich in symbolism with eggs baked into many savory and sweet Easter dishes. Acceddu cu l’ova is one example. It bears different names and forms: uccello con le uova (bird with eggs) when it’s baked in the shape of a dove, cuddura cu l’ova (crown with eggs), pupi cu l’ova (dolls with eggs), panareddi di Pasqua (Easter baskets) to name a few. If acceddu cu l’ova doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth don’t fret. Sicilians also celebrate with cassata, cake made with layers of sponge cake and sweetened ricotta, covered with icing and lavishly decorated, Paschal lambs made of marzipan and pane di cena, sweet bread flavored with cloves and cinnamon.

On Sunday, I’ll be celebrating Easter in Naples with my family while longing for Sicilian flavors. I hope that you have a delicious day. Buon appetito and Buona Pasqua!


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