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Italian Inspired Halloween Costumes

By October 25, 20239 Comments

The fall is here – the fall is here! Bring on the pumpkins, crisp days, and festive holidays. Although Halloween is a very American holiday, it undoubtedly sparks an interest in people from all walks of life. Halloween is an opportunity for your inner child to live on and for your curiosities and creative side to take the lead. Why not allow Il Bel Paese to be your muse this Halloween? There is certainly a wide variety of themes to choose from. Need a little assistance? Read on!

Italian Cuisine and Beverage

Italian inspired Halloween costume

There is no shortage of options here. Italy is home to the most amazing food and wine, which bring happiness to people daily. Be the source of people’s smiles at your Halloween event! Wine anyone?  Feeling cheesy? Amazon provides a variety of costumes that will allow you to show off your taste buds.  Delicious.

White Lotus

white lotus inspired halloween costume

Without a doubt, HBO’s season two of White Lotus was responsible for an increased interest in and travel to the gorgeous island of Sicily this past year. The cast of characters from White Lotus lends itself to a creative and entertaining group costume opportunity. Grab your crew and figure out who best represents Tanya, Harper, Albie, Valentina, or Lucia. This costume idea should easily be the frontrunner in any costume contest!

I Bambini

Italian inspired Halloween costumes

Sometimes the kiddos need a little assistance being creative in their costume choice. In terms of Italian-inspired characters, can we agree that the Super Mario Brothers are slightly played out? Instead of repeating these Nintendo characters, why not a gondolier? Or a cannoli? Or a pile of spaghetti and meatballs.

For the Disney Lovers

Disney has produced hundreds of movies that have inspired many a Halloween costume. Within these movies there are over one hundred Italian characters! In fact they have a page on their website dedicated to these characters which you can access here. Think Pinocchio and Geppetto, or Linguini and Remy. I even think Lady and The Tramp could be considered an Italian-inspired costume as long as you have a plate of spaghetti and meatballs at the ready!

A Tale of Two Sophia’s

This may have to be my favorite. The two most dynamic Sophias in entertainment history. Italy’s own, Sophia Loren and The Golden Girls own, Sophia Petrillo. Imagine if these two Italian icons walked into a party together: oh the heads would turn. With power in beauty and wit, the union of these two Sophias becomes an instant classic. “Picture it…”

Whatever you decide to adorn yourself with this Halloween season, we hope you do so in good health and safety. Need a little more inspiration? It may be time to book a trip with us to Italy to find your perfect costume for 2024. Contact us!

italian-inspired halloween costumes

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