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2019 Winter Gift Guide

By November 12, 2019No Comments

Looking forward to holiday season, but dreading hitting the crowded stores? We’ve got your perfect Winter Gift Guide right here. Stress-free online shopping, impeccably friendly and helpful customer service, and the best Italian food products in all of America.

Our Casa Mia squadra has put together a list of our favorite tried-and-true food products from our NYC friends at Gustiamo that will bring the taste of Italy right to your door. While you might not have room in your suitcase to bring everything home with you, you can rely on the Gusti’ team all year round to get your hookup on Sicilian almonds, artisanal dry pasta, real-deal San Marzano tomatoes, and other hard to find goodies like salt-packed capers, aceto balsamico to be treasured to the very last drop, precious Sardinian honeys, and an all-natural IGP Piemontese hazelnut and chocolate spread that will put any Nutella jar to shame. Can you tell we are drooling already?

Check out these highlighted items from our 2019 Winter Gift Guide and shop the full list of Casa Mia recommended products online at Make sure to use our discount code “Casa Mia” for 10% off of everything on the Gustiamo website.

winter gift guide: colatura

Anchovy Colatura | Cetara, CAMPANIA

Colatura di Alici is a convenient condiment with ancient roots. It is believed to be the modern descendant of garum, a Roman fish sauce from at least the third century BC. Today, the best quality colatura di alici comes from Cetara, a charming fishing village on the Amalfi coast in Campania. Colatura adds a concentrated umami flavor to a dish. It brings richly briny and savory notes which are more complex and less “fishy” than many southeast asian-style fish sauces. 

winter gift guide: capers

Capers in Sea Salt | Pantelleria, SICILIA

Capers grow abundantly in many areas of the Mediterranean, but Pantelleria capers are unique for several reasons. The island grows a rare variety called spinosa nocellara – found only on Pantelleria – hand harvested and processed following the traditions of generations of islanders whose livelihoods have depended on the production. According to Gabriele Lasagni of La Nicchia, the island’s volcanic soil gives the capers their delicate flavor, and the temperature fluctuation between hot days and cool nights gives them their strong fragrance. All these factors make Pantelleria capers the very best available – and the only ones recognized by the IGP certification.

winter gift guide: coffee

Espresso Grind Coffee from Sant’Eustachio | Roma, LAZIO

This exceptional coffee comes from brothers Raimondo and Roberto Ricci, owners of the legendary Sant’Eustachio coffee bar, located near the Pantheon and serving up what is widely considered the best espresso in Rome since 1938. The beans are roasted over French oak for 20 minutes at 390F; this is a traditional technique that gives the coffee its round, complex aroma, compared with industrial coffee that is roasted at higher temperatures and cooled with fans, a process that takes only five minutes.

winter gift guide: busiate

Tumminia Busiate Pasta  | Castelvetrano, SICILIA

Tumminia is a very special wheat variety that has ancient roots in Southern Sicily. The wheat used in these busiate is organic and stone milled. Tumminia is very digestible and even suitable for people with some wheat sensitivities; rich in vitamins, minerals and protein, these naturally nutty-flavored busiate are healthy! They also have a low glycemic effect, so you’ll stay full for longer.

winter gift guide: evoo

DOP Cru di Cures Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Lazio | Fara Sabina, LAZIO

Cru di Cures is made by the expert hands of Laura Fagiolo and her niece Antonella in Fara Sabina, in the region of Lazio. There are 4,200 olives trees on Laura’s property: local raja, frantoio, carboncella, leccino, moraiolo and rosciola.

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