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Fede is what we have.  A whole lot of fedeFede became a favorite word of mine when I lived in Rome in 2018.  To move to another country a few days after turning 40, leaving behind stability, I was quickly reminded that fede was a key ingredient in defining moments of life; fede in change, fede in others, fede in myself.  Like George Michael preached, “You gotta have faith.”  365 days ago, Casa Mia took a giant leap of faith in ourselves and in our company.  And then there is all of you. Thank you all, for your unending fede in us.  

It was a brilliant, yet somewhat overwhelming, idea that Casa Mia was presented by an individual who has known Casa Mia since the very, very beginning. His name, and thus superhero status, will remain a secret. His insight for Casa Mia to switch gears, navigate through the pandemic, as opposed to around it, by creating a new branch of Casa Mia – online interactive cooking classes, was and still is, a saving grace. 

Light at the end of the tunnel…

It seemed like yesterday, Casa Mia was highlighted at the New York Times Travel Show in January 2020. Then the pandemic. I clearly remember sitting on my couch in Boston where we were not even in a total lock down yet. Italy had been in lockdown for quite some time at this point. Our company meetings were, up until then, a fine balance between hope and despair. Then…there it was. The twinkle in her eye as Gina explained this super heroic idea to us. I couldn’t truly wrap my head around what we were about to take on. But I had faith in Gina, Eleonora, our SUPERHERO, and myself.  

On March 24th, 2020, the three of us sat in our respective kitchens for our dress rehearsal of the following night’s live unveilng of Casa Mia 2.0. Remember the time before Zoom? Remember when we had to learn how to Zoom? Pin me? Spotlight you? You’re muted. Turn your camera on. Should I sit here? How is the light? Can you hear me ok?  Novices. Such novices. The nervous chatter about what if no one showed up, ensued. But we had fede in our Casa Mia community.  Little did we know…

Casa Mia 2.0

The next day we held our “What’s Cooking Live Q&A with Casa Mia” via Zoom. We watched in awe as almost 50 people came to hear what the future of Casa Mia Tours held. It was beyond humbling and I firmly believe that energy in that initial meeting of our Casa Mia famiglia follows us today. Each time we teach a class, that energy returns.  Here we are, 365 days later. A year of firsts for Casa Mia; a year of forging new relationships; a year of personal and professional challenges and growth. What a year it has been…

#whatscooking live online cooking classes


100 + classes taught to 1000 + Casa Mia friends from 3 years old to 92 years young hailing from 30 + US states in 5 + countries and 3 continents Plus we now sell SWAG and have our own online store!

Since our initial classes, we have held countless private classes for friends and families across the globe. They unite in culinary celebrations through our classes sharing stories and creating memories that will sustain them until the next face to face visit. Beyond our typical programming, we have ventured into the world of higher education sharing our love and appreciation of all that is Italy with our courses. Through lectures and interactive classes, we are doing our part to keep the fede alive that someday soon, people will travel.


So where do we go from here? A new 365 days of fede are upon our door step. The excitement is palpable as 2021 is shaping up to be a year full of new ventures and hopefully a welcoming back of our Casa Mia community to our beloved Italia. Although these past 365 days were more of a challenge than anyone thought possible, we also gained so much perspective and wisdom. If it were not for the continued faith in our mission, by all of you, and us, we would not have survived. Here is to the next 365!

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