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Trapizzino opens in Japan

By February 1, 2016September 29th, 2022No Comments

The date February 4th 2016 will go down in history. The first ever Italian street food store will open in the Kantō region in Japan. There will be other Trapizzino stores also in the Ishikawa prefecture, soon to be followed by a grand Tokyo city opening. This is part of a franchising agreement between the famed Italian brand and a Japan business venture. There’s talk that California will be up next…

Trapizzino made in Rome

In the meantime, for those of you who still haven’t sunk their teeth in a Trapizzino, this is an innovative solution that blends traditional Roman dishes into one tasty pizza pocket. Think a corner of pizza – fluffy yet crisp around the edges – that has been slit open and stuffed with typical cucina romana dishes, like chicken cacciatore, coda alla vaccinara (stewed oxtail), tripe, meatballs and more.

The name Trapizzino is a play on the word “tramezzino” which is a triangular sandwich, and the word pizza. The triangular pizza pockets, filled with classic dishes, provide the perfect portable meal. We’re sure after the success reaped in the Eternal City and rave reviews in international press, Trapizzino in the Land of the Rising Sun will be a huge success. We wish them “in bocca al lupo” and がんばろう!

Trapizzino in testaccio

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