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2017 Casa Mia Gift Guide

By November 28, 2017December 2nd, 2022No Comments

December is nearly here, which means many of us have presents to buy. If you have any Italian food lovers on your list, these gifts are sure to impress. From olive oil to an espresso maker to a tour with us, there are gifts on this list for everyone. Happy holidays, and happy shopping!

olive oil

Muraglia Olive Oil, $60

This is certainly an expensive olive oil, but we think the cost is worth it. 100% Coratina olives are pressed to yield a spicy and exciting extra virgin olive oil with grassy and peppery notes that combine to leave a powerful, lasting impression on the palate. What makes this olive oil so gift-able is the gorgeous ceramic bottle it comes in. Once the oil is finished, the bottle can be reused for a number of purposes—we might use it as a fancy flower vase.


Olympia Provisions Salami Bouquet, $50-$85

Got someone on your list who loves salami? This bouquet is surprising, delicious, and will probably elicit a few laughs. This is no gag gift though, Olympia Provisions makes great hard salumi that will impress even the most ardent cured meat lover. It’s also beautifully packaged; the bouquet comes wrapped in butcher’s paper with a bow in a bright red, festive box.


Italian Christmas Cookies, $30

From Venchi, these cookies dipped in milk and dark chocolate and wrapped in bright foil cut a striking figure. Anyone who has a sweet tooth will appreciate this rich and indulgent gift.


Panettone, $60

Honest to goodness, real panettone is hard to come across outside of Italy. Even in Italy, there are plenty of imitators claiming to be true panettone which fall short of the real deal. Real panettone is exceedingly difficult to make, which explains the price tag. Panettone is made with a yeasted dough that needs to go through a rising, resting, and baking process unlike any you’ve ever heard of. The result is a high, domed cake with an ethereally light crumb structure and a delicately sweet taste. It makes an impressive gift!

Alps & Dolomiti Gift Box, $79.80

Eataly has a number of city and region-focused gift boxes including Sardegna, Portofino, Milano, and many others. We love the Alps and Dolomiti Gift Box because it’s unexpected—the Alps and Dolomiti region are less well known for their cuisine than other areas of Italy. We love the inclusion of chestnut cream and acacia honey.

martelli pasta

Martelli Pastas, $12 each

These pastas are crafted with care in Lari, a tiny town in Tuscany. They use only hard durum wheat flour, extrude their pasta through old bronze dies, and they don’t rush the drying process—in short, they do everything right. These dried pastas, in their bright yellow bags, would make a perfect gift, perhaps paired with some ‘strattu?


Pulcina Espresso Maker, $120

For the espresso lover in your life, this pot makes a smooth, rich, flavorful espresso without the need for a large machine. It doesn’t hurt that the design is absolutely stunning; it could almost be a piece of art for the kitchen. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to gift some high quality espresso with this elegant gift.

food-centric neighborhoods rome

A tour with us!

Take a tour with us in Rome, Florence, Naples, or Sicily, or gift a tour to someone you really love. A tour with Casa Mia is an experience you can share and a gift we promise you’ll never forget.


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