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Les Vignerons Wine Shop Moves to Trastevere

By January 5, 2016June 6th, 2024No Comments

Wine lovers are celebrating all over town. One of our favorite wine shops Les Vignerons – located in the off-the-beaten-path area of Tor Pignattara in Rome – has just announced that the business will be moving to a more central area of the city, Trastevere to be precise.

This is the last week in the historic location for Les Vignerons and there will be a short hiatus before the new store opens in February on Via Mameli, 61. This Saturday, January 9th, is the last day in the old location then shutters will be pulled down on the Via dell’Acqua Bullicante storefront after a fantastic sale of their amazing stock.


This is the time to buy up some of the best natural wines, spirits and craft beers to be found in Rome. Before transferring to the new shop Les Vignerons will be applying a 10% discount on all wines and distilled liquors and up to 20% on all beers!

The store will be open every day this week until Saturday the 9th from 11:00 am to 9:30 pm (save for Wednesday, January 6th) in the Via dell’Acqua Bullicante 119 space. To be safe call the shop +39 06 647714 or +39 320 876 3378 so you can be sure to get all the best buys on offer!

So drop by, stash up and wish owners Antonio and Marisa lots of luck, or a big in bocca al lupo, for their new venture.

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